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Newer ministry struggling, need prayer support

Hello folks, I need everyone's prayer support for the new ministry. Five months ago we launched the ministry; after three years of hard work, extensive bible study, worldly research, prayer, seeking Christian counsel, and investment of immeasurable time and numerous resources. The ministry is dedicated to doing three specific things:
A) EDUCATING the Body of Christ about the "cancer," that backsliding is; not only to the individual believer, but the Body as a whole. Educating the Body as to what God wills and what His Word says on the matter. Educating the Body as to what we are called to do to combat backsliding. As each Christian falls away the Body is fragmenting piece by piece, and in general, we simply sit back in the comfortable confines of our own faith and "Let go and let God," as we surrender both ground and souls to the enemy. This IS NOT an attack on individuals folks; it is a designed and tactical attack on the Body, as it destroys any chance of unity and wholeness.
B) EMPOWERING the Body to break the chains of both external and self-condemnation that drive struggling believers out of churches, the Body of Christ, and away from God. As the song "Stained Glass Masquerade,"(Casting Crowns,) alludes to: when we simply "whitewash," over our sins and struggles, pretending that there is no fault in our own walks, we present an impossible standard for others to live up to. Victorious faith is victorious because it is faith-based, not works-based; and we must break free from the cycle of whitewash and condemnation in order to halt the Body's trend of fragmenting.
C) EQUIPPING the Body to recognize the signs of backsliding and halt a slide before the believer falls away. Empower the Body to be obedient to the patterns Jesus set forth in LUKE 15; that we are to go out and seek the sheep who stray, and restore them to the kingdom; even if we must carry them back on our shoulders!

However, at every turn I am finding several things:
1) Lack of care or concern at all. Folks will not even give the ministry a look, won't even give it a chance; simply smiling, giving the "I'll pray for you," and going on about business as usual. This is a greatly pertinent and relevant ministry that is critical to the Christian Body being made whole and achieving unity. Yet, by and large-everyone simply gives the "pat answer," and fails to even consider that this may indeed be an authentic movement of God.
2) Militant opposition. Some resistance has come from sectors within the Christian community to the effect that backsliders don't deserve help; they get what they deserve. AGREED. But keep in mind so did we when Jesus came and died for us anyway folks. Since the moment Adam and Eve took the first fatal bites in the Garden; Israel forever were a backsliding and fickle people. For thousands of years Israel would backslide, repent, turn to God, and be restored. They would then "rinse and repeat," the cycle endlessly-backsliding again, and again, and again. Jesus had to set aside His crown; come live as a man, suffer as a man, and die as a man-because it was the only way to save a perpetually backsliding people. (Ordinary sacrifices were simply not good enough to do this.) Can we not see that Christ was, is, and forever will be, THE GREATEST RESTORATION MINISTER EVER?? So when we take such a casual attitude towards those that slide away, we are not only failing to follow in His footsteps; we are militantly opposed to everything He stands for.
3) No exposure. This journey has been a ton of work, and I have thrown quite literally everything I have into it. I have followed the pattern of Peter; stepping boldly out of the boat, risking the waves...because I am serious about following Jesus wherever He wants to lead; and He is leading this way! Thus, I've no resources left (actually in the negative,) and am pursuing every avenue I can imagine to get the word out; but one man with no resources is quite limited in potential for return. I know there are literally thousands of struggling Christians...on the verge of falling away...thousands more who have slidden out of the Body, and are being abandoned in the dark, hopeless wilderness of their fall. Both need our help to find stability in Christ...both need our help finding a way to return to grace. However, nobody knows this ministry is ready and willing, 24/7 to not only serve them, but to walk side-by-side, step-by-step with them through every dark valley and fiery trial; rather than simply walk by them. I have educational resources, the ministry has some of its own resources dedicated to helping in these situations; but I need help so folks know we are here and we are willing to help.

These things being said my brothers and sisters in Christ: we greatly need your prayer support. I do not ask that you pray for "money or finances or resources," though of course any non-profit ministry does need those things; but I ask that you pray for exposure. May our Father in Heaven grant that a light shine upon this ministry and let the suffering world see that there is help-there is hope! May our Father break apart the hardness of hearts that others will see the great need of restoration ministry of this nature, and take compassion on our cause. May our Father open up the blind eyes, and unplug the deaf ears to the cries of those who are fallen away, critically wounded, and in dire need of our help to show them the way home. May Father grant that this ministry find favor in both His eyes, and the eyes of man. In Jesus' precious name I pray. AMEN!

PS: Due to the terms of service rules and regulations, I am unable to post information directly related to the ministry in public forum,(IE: ministry name, website address, etc.) If you would like more information, feel free to message me directly. Thanks n God Bless!
Glad to pray for you! Remember that if it's God will that you put yourself all into this, you must do it regardless of the negatives, no matter the outcome. Likewise, if this ministry is meant to catch on fire, it must do so in the hearts of many others, not just you. I will pray God's will be done with this ministry, let yourself be the example to others there in both action, and in the heart and love of Jesus.
HA HA! IKR! Yeah I feel you brother, ain't nothing going to halt me this side of Jesus! Just seems prudent not to neglect the value of the prayers of the faithful eh? In any event I'm sold out to Christ and I will follow Him through every dark valley and fiery trial till my feet fall off...then I'll do the worm-crawl. Thanks for the support.
Staff Member
Praying that His will be done through your ministry.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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