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Newegg Bans The Bible

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by seekermeister, Jul 25, 2007.

  1. A bit of news that that should interest at least some of you is that I am a Christian that has long felt a calling to use internet forums for the purpose of representing Christian values. This in itself is not so unusual, but Newegg's reaction to this is.

    With this in mind, I joined the EggXpert Forum, which is an offshoot of Newegg, which I have found to be one of the better sources to purchase computer related items online. In fact, I am a founding member of the forum, and had no problems there until recently, when a couple of people in the debate forum took their dislike for me, which was simply based on my faith, and started trolling me throughout the forums boards.

    As a device to annoy me, they made formal complaints to the forum adminstration about my signaturebar which contained this verse:

    Be quick to listen, slow to speak, slow(er) to anger James 1:19

    They said that it was offensive, and wanted it removed. I have been a member of many different forums, most of which were not Christian, and never has anyone suggested that this verse is offensive. Even at the Egg forum, most of the members thought that it was acceptable and supported me, but the forum admin was obviously only interested in appeasing these two people, who had posted many, many lies, and statements that were without question, offensive to any reasonable person, Christian or not. I know that most anyone reading this has seen similar things themselves.
    The admin demanded that I remove the signaturebar, which I refused, because that would be saying that the verse or any quote from the Bible was offensive, and that I shall never do. He then said that it could stay, if I removed the Biblical reference at the end, but again I refused, because these words are not mine.

    Without going into long details about the sequence of PMs in this regards (which made no progress), I was banned from the forum entirely.

    Why am I posting this here? Because I believe that both Christians and nonChristians deserve to know how any businesss will treat them, before doing business with them.

    I did not post this to start any debate or to obtain any advice, but I wouldn't mind hearing how others feel, and perhaps Newegg might be interested also. I started to provide a link to the public relations department, but for that I got another warning about being banned. Therefore, anyone that is inclined to want to express their feeling about this to Newegg is on their own, but it is really easy to find.

    I did not post this to start any debate, ask for advice or to argue, but judging from past experience elsewhere, I imagine that some of you might wish to chide me one way or another. If so, feel free, but I shall respond only to those with reasonable posts.
  2. Please (if you wish) pm me copies of the pm's/emails you had with the administrator. Reason I am curious is because I am a big loyal customer of for my hosting business. I've spent thousands of dollars with them, and I assure you I will not buy from them again. I will voice against them and give them bad publicity here on the forums purposely (and notfiy them of this) for the way they treated you and the Word.

    What they did was actually illegal here in the US. Right for religion, they broke it. I would report them to proper authority as this is completely wrong. It is persecution nonetheless, but wrong.
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    Oops! I responded to you via a reply to the email notification, thinking that it was a regular email. Of course, that was returned to me. Therefore, I shall paste what I said:

  4. html is fine (via email). I am curious on how they treated you and what they said.
  5. Hmm, I clicked the your email and it takes me to an online service here at the forum, which I saw no way to attach anything. Am I overlooking something? Do you have a regular email address that you could PM me?
  6. Your supposed to go to my profile and click "send an email", do not click on the actual instant messenger email (which is my MSN ID too).
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    I guess that I'm still missing something, because that is what I thought that I did. I intended to copy/paste the links from your profile, but the system wouldn't allow that. I clicked the one that said "Send a message via email to Chad", and that only takes me to the online email that I mentioned. Please explain.
  8. I see what you mean.

    Anyway, you can send it to chad @
  9. It's on it's way.
  10. I've sent a pm to the admin there too. I hope they listen.
  11. Thank you brother. I will contact them as well and show them the money I've spent with them. I'll never buy from them again.
  12. I have contacted them just now and told them off about their behavior.

    A copy of my message is below:

  13. Thanks, but considering how stubborn alot of businesses can be, I doubt that they will do anything, even if they know that they are wrong.

    There is one very good thing about this, I may have never found your forum otherwise. Considering the attitude that I have run into on some Christian forums, I will be hanging around from now on.
  14. God bless you brothers.

    Jesus is with you, He will give you the right places to buy from now on.
  15. I have not heard back from newegg yet. I sent them literally 3 duplicate emails, one to each appropriate department. Have you heard back from them?
  16. Not a word. The only thing that will get a movement out of them, is when they have received enough comments that they will realize how much that it will effect their profits to ignore them. They have plenty of Christian customers, but so long as they speak with their credit cards, that is all that Newegg cares about.

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