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Hey everyone....

Im a newbie. My friend Amanda told me about this site! She should be joining herself in the next day or so... hehe..

anyway just thought i'd pop in and say hi!

My name is Tiffany.... im 18 years old from Calgary, Canada. I became a Christian 1.5 years ago and was baptized just this last halloween and its been the best decision i've ever made!

hope to chat with you all later.

In Christ,

Hey Tiffany, welcome to this Site, to our family On TJ. May God bless you and all you do. You are welcome. Come on teen chat sometime. Oh yea, it's so awesome you're from canada. I've been in alberta last summer. It was so much fun. Well ok, God bless you, bye bye
your sis, Tanya
Staff Member
God bless you Tiffany. Thanks for joining the site :)

See you around
I rejoice with you that you found Christ, 1.5 years ago, and I am equally joyous to welcome you to Talk Jesus.