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Some New Features

Latest [Content] in User Control Panel
Shows 4 user statistics blocks
  • Your Last Started Threads
  • Your Last Posted Posts
  • Your Last Created/Joined Groups
  • Your Last Created Albums
This new feature is ajax based tabs and found on your control panel home page.

Improved Memberlist
Menu: Community > Memberlist

Added following info:
- birthday
- age
- avatar
- ability to sort members by usergroup
- ability to view members by alphabet

Other Modifications Done
A little tweaking done to prevent links / image spam on the forums.

Chat Room MP3 Player
Chat room now has nearly 120 songs built in, all worship tunes of course of various genre. Don't forget, there is now a mini Bible search tool right below chat for reference when studying the Word with others in chat.

Quick Fun Facts About Talk Jesus Ministry

Please note, this information is solely for entertainment, "for the fun of it" so to speak. If you were ever curious of what the statistics are behind this site, this will soothe your curiosity. Its just a little fun facts about the site's traffic - nothing else. I never check the Google stats, but I was messing around today and thought it would be fun to share the results with everyone here.

Since March 1st, 2008, this site has received over 255,000 unique visitors up until today [over 407,000 visits]. This is from direct traffic, search traffic and referrals. It does not include any paid Google Ads.

Stats are taken from Google Analytics. If you want internal stats for Talk Jesus, click on the Help menu and you'll see a few links for stats including demographics, site stats, top stats.

For those using low screen resolution (6.27% use 800x600 as shown in one of the screenshots), please consider using something higher than that for optimal viewing experience on Talk Jesus, and other websites in general. 800x600 is very low and practically an old-time resolution setting.
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