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new to Jesus talk

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by bernie, Mar 18, 2008.

  1. Hi to all my name is Bernie I'm new here I was looking for some tunes and found this site
    looking for some people that loves Jesus :love:
  2. Hi Bernie ;) Welcome to Talk Jesus.

    I'm sure you'll find plenty of poeple here who love Jesus.

    God bless you brother
    Faithful Son
  3. Welcome to the forums brother. Enjoy the site
  4. sorry It is not brother but sister but any way .i am looking around trying to fine out how things work I am new to chats on line bernie
  5. grace and peace.

    Don't worry the navigation is easy, any question please ask.

    God bless.
  6. Sorry for calling you brother earlier, I could've imagined seeing the male sign on your profile? Never mind.

    God bless
  7. hey sister welcome to TJ ,good to have you here, enjoy TJ :girl_hug:
  8. Welcome siz to this site.:girl_hug:
    God bless you.
  9. Welcome :) God bless
  10. You are now,In tune with TJ.Welcome' my sister.
  11. Welcome to TalkJesus, Bernie. I pray that you enjoy this site.

    SpiritLedEd (SLE)

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