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New! Streaming Audio & Video

Discussion in 'Blog' started by Chad, Sep 20, 2007.

  1. I am proud to announce that Talk Jesus Forums now has streaming audio and video capability!
    This can be found under the Arts, Movies, Music Forum (formerly called 'Entertainment')

    • link videos from or
    • watch the video right here in the forums!
    • for family safe atmosphere, all members' new video requests will be put into moderation queue first.
    • you can only link videos from and
    For YouTube, simply copy the entire code inside the "url" field on the right column of the video page. When you create a new thread, click the media icon in the toolbar. It will show you the "media" bbcodes automatically in the editor. Paste the url code of the video in between the media code as shown in the screenshot.

    For GodTube, same procedure except the code you want is the "permalink" code.

    If you have trouble, send me a pm. Only a pm is valid method of support. Thank you.

    GOD bless, enjoy!

    For screenshot examples, see this link

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