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New Site!

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Welcome to the NEW Talk Jesus Forums & Live Chat!

The site is much easier to navigate, brighter, easier on the eyes and more exciting than ever before! There will be tons of features in the next couple of days including:

Today's Events
Events Calander
Photo Album
Shoutbox (Moderated unlike previous)
Chat Rooms

Unfortunately, the database could not be restored from the old therefore resulting in loss of all members, topics and posts. Please re-register, share the site with friends and become active again!

God Bless,
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My Chad ! How far you have come . :thumbs_up I can't wait for the new updates . Thanks again for your servants heart . :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
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i wait with eagerness for this new site, for i am sure it will continue to serve the Lord.

if i may i would like to express my concern over something.

according to the new rules you have posted, newbies / junior members are not allowed in chat for some time, 25 posts and 7 days minimum if i remember correctly

whilst i can understand that this will resolve the annoying attacks that can and do happen i also feel that it leaves us unable to help the ones hurting and searching.

i am just worried that someone may come here, to this place of truth and fellowship and they will not be allowed in, they will not be able to be ministered too; when they are at either their lowest or their most open whilst searching, or even both.

i would gladly take the attacks of 100 if it meant that i could be there and help just 1

i do not want nor am i trying to tell you how to run this site, for i know that our Lord leads you in this as He does in all of your life, but i ask for those who can and do come here especially for the sake of those who may find here in need to re consider this time and posting delay and to allow them to chat.

God bless

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Scrappy, the live chat is not a lifeline of the site generally speaking. They (new members) can post in the forums, shoutbox, use the pm as well.

God bless you
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What exactly stops you from posting a prayer request in the forum? Do they not read the same thing you'd type in the chat room? You have the permission to post in the PRAYER REQUEST forum just as you posted here. That prayer request forum is there for a good reason.

The rules are perfectly fine and there for a good reason. You being a new member do not know why they are there because you are not operating on the backend as I and the mods are and see all the nonsense that we put up to satisfy everyone and ultimately Glorify GOD.
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Chad, firstly please don't think what I have said is in any way a criticism of your site, because the deeper I delve into it, the better it appears. But I am not so sure of myself in prayer as you and probably the majority of your members are. What i felt I needed was someone to pray with me and help me pray but it was not to be. I don't feel comfortable posting my prayers in a forum.
Yours in respect
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I understand brother what you mean. I do encourage you to post for GOD wants you to receive prayer from many. The larger the prayer army the better.

Matthew 18:20

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.
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