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New Puppy on a Roll

Staff Member
New Puppy on a Roll - April 07, 2006

Big adventure at the Rhea house this week. We just took in a spaniel-mix puppy. You can't pick up a tennis ball or stuffed animal in here that doesn't make a slobber-log squishy sound. The entire upstairs smells a little like puppy breath. Every square inch has been sufficiently sniffed, then thoroughly chewed and slobber-covered.

It's an adjustment for all of us, granted, but the biggest adjustment is on the part of the two cats, who haven't entirely unpuffed since the pup lumbered through the front door. I think I actually saw the spaniel grin when she tried to greet the kitties. I didn't have a puppy language interpreter, but she seemed to me to be saying, "Hey, those look really chewy! I wonder how far that fat one can roll." Fortunately for the chewy cats, the puppy seems to think the stairs are some sort of magic portal and won't even go near them.

So the downstairs has officially been claimed by the cats and they're setting up a little kitty kingdom. You have to go through Cat Customs and prove you're not even remotely canine to even go down there. They're checking I.D.s.

Speaking of I.D.s, when we've given our lives to Christ, we become part of His kingdom. Not kitty related. Our identity is in Him. No need for a magic portal. We have Jesus! No big dog fear either- no need to fear anything at all. The God of the universe is on our side. His kingdom is the most glorious place to be.

I could write about it all day. As a matter of fact, I would write more, but I just heard a weird sound. Does it make a weird noise when a fat cat rolls?

Rhonda Rhea is the author of "Who Put the Cat in the Fridge" and other insanely fun books, including "Amusing Grace" and "Turkey Soup for the Soul--Tastes Just Like Chicken." She is a radio personality and humor columnist and speaks at conferences and events nationwide. Rhonda lives in the St. Louis area with her pastor/husband and their five children. Find out more at www.RhondaRhea.net.
For whatever reasons Dogs have a direct line to my heart.

As I have in previous posts I have 6, each carved into its own perfect character. I don't have any children, but I do have the wisdom to know that there are things only a parent could understand. I wondered at times how parents could truly equally love all their children the same which is a stones throw from how could God possibly have such conviction for 6 billion people? As I said I have the wisdom to know that because I am neither a parent nor God it is impossible to truly know those answers. But on a much smaller scale I know it must exist because I love each of these furry friends at the same ridiculous level.

God is in all things, I hope you enjoy your new 4 legged blessing ;)

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