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new place

Brothers and Sisters please keep me in prayer for guidance.
We have been asked to leave our home which we were renting. We have until the 22nd of this month to be out. PLease pray for guidance that God would help us find a place. The place that He has in mind for us. Also that he would provide finances for the damage deposit and such. I want to know for sure that the place we rent out is the place where God wants us. And He will provide a way to get that place. Thanks all in advance. GB
Thank you Father for your guiding hand

Dear Heavenly Father

Thank you that you meet all of our needs according to your riches in glory. You are our Father and you desire us to come to you and ask you for our needs so that you can be glorified.

Lord I pray for my lovely sister Jessi who is asking for your guidance in her move. Firstly that you would enable her to leave the place she is at and do as your word says, go out with joy and be led forth with peace! Lord help her to leave with your peace in her heart and a spring in her step knowing it is you that is moving her on.

Also Lord for financial assistance; I am in no doubt that you have got this in hand but Father it is not my life and it is easy for me to say that so I pray that you give Jessi the confidence to trust you fully in this matter. Give her your assurance that all thing work together for good to those who love you and who are called according to your purpose, and I thank you that you have good plans for Jessi, to prosper her and not to harm her, plans to give her hope and a future!

Father you delight in us when we come to you and I thank you that Jessi has done just that, she has, like David, enquired of the Lord and you promise to be with her always. Give her the wisdom to know she can rest in you now and leave the matter at your feet. Help her press on with all her arrangements with boldness and confidence in you and all that you are doing and will do for your glory Lord and to be a light in this world to others!

In Jesus mighty name
Well God is openeing a door. We have two places in mind. Although we are leaning more to one place. I talked with the Landlord last night of the new place. And it turns out that He is a born again christian as well. Thats great! He said that were the people he is looking for. Now its just a matter of us liking the place. I believe that God has opened that door. THe place is avalable for the 1st. So we are going to pray about it and ask our current Landlord If we are able to stay here until then. Now I would like if you could continue to pray that God would open that door wider. That He would provide the finances for the place. Or even if we could work something out with HIm. Thanks so much for your prayers. I feel so much better. KNowing its where God wants us. GB
wow, amen. God is working in this place. I will continue to pray for your situations. It's really amazing how prayer can work in an instance.
We went to look at the place where the Landlord is saved. WOW!! GLORY TO GOD!!
as soon as we seen the place we knew. We didnt even go inside yet. We just drove by. We see the inside tomorrow. BUT WOW!! WE laughed because as soon as we saw it we knew. we felt such peace. and so overjoyed. We couldnt help to laugh because we were so happy! And its available for when we need it. for a very affordable price. PRAISE GOD!! Now, please now that we know where God wants us I am asking that you please pray that God will provide the finances. No doubt that He will. But that we may be wise and we may hear Him. I am so overjoyed. LIke a burden has been lifted off. HALLELUJAH GOD ALMIGHTY!! Thank you for your prayers. may God Bless you all!!