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New Old Guy On The Block

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Hello; and welcome to my introduction.

I'm a 74 year-old senior citizen, retired from Federal civil service as a welder in 2006, and a native Californian currently residing in the northwest portion of Oregon since 1985.

I was baptized an infant into the Roman Catholic Church; but switched to Protestantism in 1968.

I learned to use a PC before the mouse, and the only screen colors available were gray scale and amber. I think that was somewhere around 1988. My files were stored on 5¼ floppy discs. A computer with 500k RAM was considered the cat's meow.

We bought our first home PC in 1994. It had a 172mb hard drive and a 25mhz processor. It accommodated the 5¼ floppy and the 1.44mb mini floppy. If memory serves me, our version of Windows back then was 3.1

I'm not big on hobbies: just birding, hiking, target shooting, and of course internet forums which I began exploring in 1997 when we got our first internet-capable PC. The last twenty years online have been quite an adventure.

My health hasn't been the greatest. Both knees have been replaced, both eyes have lens implants from cataract surgery, my thyroid is kept going with pills, plus I have diverticulosis and diminishing kidney function; not to mention a touch of prostate cancer.

I'm especially attracted to luxury watches like Rolex and Omega but managing to keep the urge to splurge under control; settling instead for imitations.
Loyal Member
welcome glad to have you here brother

I also once was a catholic but left it just about 3 years ago once I started reading the bible and seeing all the false hoods they teach like infant baptism.
Staff Member
Welcome to Talk Jesus @Adziilii
I remember them 5 1/4 floppies as well! :smile: Still might have a few floating around somewhere!
Thanks for the memories.

Hope you find fellowship and growth in the Word and our Lord while you're here.
I'll be praying for your health brother.

With the Love of Christ Jesus.