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New ministry starting and need your prayers

We area requesting prayers from christians around the world for our new non-profit organization. Christians helping Christians is based in Boise, Idaho and our mission is to create funds that will be donated to Christian organizations around the world helping spread the word of our Lord and Savior. We are developing this non-profit due to a split in our church and missionarys in the field had to return from forein countries stopping all progress made. Christians Helping Christians will hand make a variety of hand lotions and 100% of all profits will be given to Christian organizations around the world. We want to help build churches, supply Bibles and much more. We need your prayers to get this project going. If anyone has questions please con tack us through our e-mail address chchristians@yahoo.com

Rev. 22-12
Gary Pickens
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what you are doing is really amazing i really pray that God will Bless your organization and all the people involved

your in my prayers to!
Thank you for your prayers. I am selling some of my personal property to get this orginazation off the ground. I feel that our Christian comunity will support this effort by realizing that their money will go directly to Christian work and not into the pockets of some large corporation and not know where the money is going. When we get our web site up and running we will show where our proceeds are working. Again, we thank you for your prayers.
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