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New memberhey yall!

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Dawna, Jul 29, 2018.

  1. Im a born again believer. While homeless with my family after suffering 2 strokes n left unable to work, tge Lord started speaking to me. The Bible became clear and id come across tge same messages 3 times in a short time period and id know it was from Him! I dove face first into study and working with other women whenever i get tge chance. He speaks to me frequently and i pray and speak with Him frequently. I called tge basement tge dungeon. His first message to me was....Gods smile in a dungeon is far better than his frown in a palace! He moved us back into our house we had lost on a program i didnt expect, and with enough of a check to pay all utilities short of tv but including car insurance! Me and my 4 kids are soooo blessed!!!! My messages ALWAYS come in 3s. In my Bible after prayer, in my devotional app, on the radio, however, aybe the sermon at church or on tv but ALWAYS in 3s. Its so obvious its obvious tp people around me! Our GREAT GREAT FATHER, EVEN THOUGH MY LOW LIFE OLD SELF DID NOT DESERVE IT, HE CHOSE ME YALL!!!!! ME!!!!! IM SO BLESSED THAY HE LOVES ME!!!!!
  2. I am glad the Lord has blessed you. Welcome.
  3. @Dawna
    Welcome to Talk Jesus Sister Marie.
    Thank-you for sharing your testimony in how God has moved in your life.

    With the Love of Jesus Christ.
  4. @Dawna

    Welcome to the forum and give God the glory!
  5. Welcome to Talk Jesus @Dawna

    Thank you for sharing some of your testimony.
    Praise the Lord.

    Enjoy the forum and online Christian fellowship

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