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Who's not scared to worship the Lord with me? for he alone is worthy!!!!! the Lord said let everything that has breath worship the name of the Lord. I have been spiritually revived. yesterday was the point in my life when you find ou why people shout, dance, cry, and just worship thee. I tell you there is no feeling like it. Im 20 years old and been a part-time christian for 3 years. And today will be my first day as a christian that has been convicted to worshipping the Lord. Please pray for me because I know the devil is mad at me know, but the Lords grace is falling down on me:thumbs_up :shade:
The deceiving workers of satan are keen to twist the faith of babes in Jesus to no effect. Be careful u.alone.r.worthy Get into The bible and read what Jesus had to say. Get the Armor to defend yourself from deception. Trust in God. Pray for conviction of the Spirit. The Meek shall inherit the earth.

All Praise The Ancient Of Days
Hey u.alone.r.worthy!

I am so happy for you...thrilled in fact...Jesus is so good...keep with Him and His word and He won't let you down.

much love
That's soooo awesome!! God should receive our praises...He is worthy of them!! God is AWESOME!!!!
Welcome by the way!! Hope to talk with ya soon.