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New Marketing Ads

Staff Member
Greetings Family,

In an effort to spread the Gospel via this forum and social media, I decided to give Google Ads a shot. I set up a targeted marketing campaign that places ads directly on 2 bible sites

www.biblegateway.com (50M weekly impressions)
www.biblestudytools.com (15M weekly impressions)

There are a few ways you can help also. Spread the site via your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr. Another way is to use the donation tool on the right side column, home page.

Here are 2 of the image ads I created:



Right now to test the waters with this method, I put a daily cap at $20 budget.

Please pray that this reaches many people and the Holy Spirit guides me to target certain segments, sites and basically have a successful campaign here. I also need prayer that Google actually approves my ads (they are fickle about any religious related ads and disapprove more often than not).

Thank you, God bless
Staff Member
Yes dear brother @Chad

Praying that the site will reach many more through this campaign

The LORD bless you brother for your zealous hardworking here at TJ
Staff Member
Thanks for the feedback. Please do share this site any way you can. Friends, family, church, social media. Engage people on godly, spiritual matters instead of them wasting time on worldly distractions. Thank you for your support!