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New here.

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by lecoope, Sep 25, 2016.

  1. Hi folks. I found this forum by searching for reviews on the Rapture Ready forum. I think I lasted only a few hours this time before being kicked off. This time it was permanent. The sad truth is, not even the Apostle Paul would be welcome there! The moment He began writing of being knocked off his horse and Jesus speaking to him, he would be forced to leave the forum! They THINK they know about end times, but the truth is, they cannot even find the 70th week in Revelation.

    I was born again at 7 years old in a Wesleyan church. I received the baptism in the Holy Spirit at 20 in an Assembly of God church. I served 10 plus years in the US Army during the Vietnam war, and 11 years in the US Air Force reserve. I have written a book on Revelation. It is free to any who would like to read it.
  2. that happens bud, you're better off without them :)

    howdy anyway, this forum not generally abrasive
  3. Welcome to TJ.
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  4. Welcome to Talk Jesus @lecoope

    Always a joy to welcome another brother in Christ Jesus to this online Christian Community.

    Can't really speak to other forums, but if you are respectful, and not pushing heretical cults, or may I add Catholicism. You should have a long life here at TJ of receiving/giving with the Love of the Lord. I will however say, that some in the passions of the moment/discussions may write with what some would consider less then tactful words, but overall I have found the intent is backed with a desire to help and not diminish the other person. I pray and hope that it will be that way for you while you are here.

    Once again. Be welcome!
    With the Love of Christ Jesus.

    P.S. - With a Book on Revelation under your should be able to find some interesting postings that have been done and some that are still ongoing to participate in on the area of eschatology!!! I look forward to reading them. :)
  5. Not all Christian forums are Christian forums!!! :) I have been on some that there were no Christians at all. It was just web designed and disguised as to help spread the Word, but only to find out they lure those who are in need of help, only to lead them deeper into darkness.
  6. Thanks, Christ4Ever!

    It was not me being less than tactful, it is that the moderators and/or owners at Rapture Ready don't really understand Revelation - but think they do. When anyone disagrees with them, they get kicked off.
  7. I hear you! Thanks for answering.
  8. Thanks
  9. Hey! thanks! I hope I have something to offer here.
  10. Thanks, Amadeus2!
  11. true bro, exercise your spirit of discernment always....these are testing days
  12. Welcome to the forums @lecoope! Thank you for your service for our country brother.
  13. You are welcome!
  14. Well hello Lecoope. I love you already because you have received...Revelation 22:7 "And behold, I am coming soon. Blessed is the one who keeps the words of the prophecy of this book." Since you are a blessed man, that makes us friends. I, like you, am a student of Revelation.

    Since there are various interpretations of this wonderful Book of the Bible, lets you and I agree not to offend each other due to what we think is right or wrong. I'm very interested in your views concerning Revelation.
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  15. I agree, there are various interpretations...but I know there was only ONE intent of the Author when He had John write. That intent was all I was interested in when I began studying Revelation. I did not get into Revelation because I wanted to - I went because He pushed me! But I was obedient. I told Him, if I study Revelation, I will set aside anything I think I know and come with a clean slate - then anything I learn will come from YOU. I probably read it a hundred times if I read it once, but I was determined NOT to use human reasoning, but just to wait on Him to teach me. the rest is history: He did.
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  16. Finally a man who does not use logical analytical reasoning to understand the Word of God. :)
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  17. Thank you for your response my new friend. Where can I go to study your views on Revelation?
  18. Human reasoning is why a hundred different pastors would preach on Rev 4 & 5 with different conclusions. It really does not work on a book like Revelation.
  19. I can send you my book. Anyone can afford it: its free! Is it legal here to post an email?

    Or, you can go to Barnes and Nobles nook and search for "The Book of Revelation Finally Unlocked"

    I will give you fair warning though: it will bring you face to face with what you thought was truth.

    I wished I could say 100% of the book was revealed knowledge. Alas, I had to use human reasoning on things God never spoke about. : -((( However, I think you will see Revelation in a different light.

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