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New Here

Boy am I a lost soul?
I've recently been diagnosed HIV + and it is now 2 days before Christmas and I am looking for a place to live...

I've always held my chin up and been self-suffiecient not needing help from anybody. Nor do I now... Financially, that is... BUT!

My mind is a mess with "everything" and things I have felt in every fiber of my being, and been shown, I know to be real!

I spent 3 days in the Nut house for trying to kill myself and anyone that knows me KNOWS I'd not do that! It was a Hallucination induced from Sustiva. Look it up! Anyway...

They called it "hallucinations" and what I seen and the clarity of the visuals, and even now remembering it... Even the best shrinks would be entertained! LOL

If you wish to read what I wrote about my experience please let me know. I could use something if not a prayer?

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Hello Leda, welcome to Talk Jesus :)
Do you know that when we come to the end of ourselves, we`ll find Jesus waiting there? If everything is going wrong, He`s the only one who can make it all right. I will be praying for you.