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New here

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by mymakersdaughter, Oct 7, 2004.

  1. Well Hello, I was doing some surfing looking for some bible studies & came across this website. How cool is that?!
    My name is Michele & I live in Canada.
    I have been a follower of Jesus for 15 yrs. or so. This is a great site.
  2. Hello Michelle and welcome to Talk Jesus :) Glad to see you here and hope to see you active. Please share the site with all souls you know and thank you for registering. Talk to you around the site ;)
  3. New Here...

    :girl:hi just came to this's really nice...God Bless!
  4. Thanks for the Welcome Chad. I will be going through things that is for sure. I like what I see so far, I like the opinions expressed particularly the one on Benny Hinn. Not a lot of people have the guts to speak the truth like that.:thumbs_up

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