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    I've added a brand new "Night Mode" option to our site design. I'd greatly appreciate your vote on this poll here.

    To switch to night mode (or back to light/default theme) simply scroll all the way down to the footer and click on the style chooser.

    Thank you.

New Features

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Added some new features the past week. Hope you enjoy.

Stumble Upon

Click the link on top menu, will take you to any random thread.

New MP3's in Live Chat

12 new songs added to the live chat area. See screenshot of the list.

Radio & TV

The radio & tv streaming tool (found under Entertainment menu up top) has been pruned of a few broken radio stations. I've also added over 10 tv video stations and some music stations, including a new rap/hip hop category. Also, you will now find a new block in your profile view (right column block). It is basically a My Favorite Radio Stations block.


Added about 10 new games past few weeks. Trying to get more of the higher quality, larger screen size ones.

...and just for fun

A new right-side logo (replacing the old one) in the header. A thank you to sister Yeshualives for the grammar correction.

We also have a new moderator in town, sister abigya. Please welcome her to the mod team and pray for all the moderators as well.

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Hey Chad!

Great new features!! Many thanks! I love the selection of songs you have available in the Live Chat :smile:

I was just wondering, and i know this is a bit of a nit-picky thing, but with the new Stumble Upon feature, why is the link for it "misc.php?do=lucky"? Is this something you have control over, or is it just the way that the feature works?
I am wondering because as far as i know, luck isn't a thing that we as Christians believe in. I know most, possibly all people, don't/won't even realise the actual URL of the link there, but hey, I just thought i'd ask anyway :smile: not wanting to sound like im complaining about trivial things or anything...

You're doing a great job, as always, brother!!

God bless!

Staff member
The stumble upon tool is authored as "Lucky Thread" by the original creator. I changed the title name, but I will see if I can change the file name. I don't believe in luck either.

GOD bless

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