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New Features

Discussion in 'News Stand' started by Chad, Feb 5, 2007.

  1. I am working on adding various new features coming soon. See the list below and let me know what you think

    • Private Message Spam Filtering
    In the past there have been numerous complaints of new members sending spam via pm (private message) system. After some research, I've come up with a sweet system to completely stop this from happening. Already implemented was 5 forum posts minimum to activate pm ability for new members. On top of this, I've added a new spam filter that based on certain keywords (will not disclose here) it will trigger the filter and immediately send to queue. I can then check this and immediately approve or reject the pm message(s) depending on the validity. This will prevent new members of practically frustrating and victimizing devoted forum members with fruitless messages and spam / scam web links.
    • Site Statistics
    • Top Statistics
    General Add-Ons:
    • RSS Feeds
    • Tutorials
    • Member Map
    • iSpy
    Special Notice:
    • New forum category: "Ex Unbelievers' Testimonies"
    This will be merely a new forum category, listed with sub-categories (to keep nicely organized by beliefs). The purpose is to find a bunch of testimonies on the web of ex-unbelievers (atheists, mormons, jehovah's witness, catholics, other unbiblical denominations) and post these testimonies in their respective sub-categories. This will be enjoyable to read, glorifying GOD will being a good encouragement to any such unbelievers that come here. The purpose is to bless these visitors who yet have not accepted Jesus Christ by giving them the opportunity to read a bunch of testimonies written by their own "ex" members of their belief group. Over time, this compilation of testimonies will grow dramatically.
    Any suggestions? Feedback? Concerns? Respond and let me know.

    Update February 11th:

    - Zoints Thread Tags (completed)
    Click on the navigation menu (any page) on top, on the drop down click "tag clouds". You'll also see tag clouds on the bottom of a forum or post. Tags are fun ways to describe a thread.
    - vBFavorites (completed)
    Click on navigation menu on top and drop down, click "my favorites". You can add any thread to your favorites by clicking "thread tools" menu (when viewing actual thread) and clicking "add to my favorites" on the drop down.
  2. I also suggest that the forum rules be modified to say that only men 21 yrs old and overf can post in the "Men" forum and only women 21 years old and over can post in the "Women" forum.

    Those forums should be labeled like this: "Men Only - 21 yrs. old and over" , "Women Only - 21 yrs old and over"

    There have been incidents recently of men posting in the "Women" forum.

  3. I second that one SLE as also a lady also posted in the mens forum. It is not right for men to post in womens' forums or for women to post in the mens forums. Some do it on purpose, others do not realise where they are posting. They should check which forum they are in before making a posting.

    Will give feedback on the above topics when I have time to see what they are about.

    God bless you Chad for blessing us with so much here. :rainbow: :love:
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    Wow the idea of quotes is a good one as there are lots of Christian quotes and it would be good to access them easily.

    Thank you Chad:thumbs_up

    vbFavourites looks quite good too.

    not sure you would be happy with the one where the text gets bigger. Zoints Thread Tags

    GlosPro looks interesting too.

    God bless you :love: :rainbow:
  5. Added a new coming feature regarding "ex unbelievers' testimonies". Please see.
  6. That will be great Chad

    As an ex catholic, I think it would be nice to have somewhere to confirm my strength in Jesus Christ. Also, it would be nice to receive counsel regarding my split from the roman catholic church. It will be a safe haven to reach for, when I feel distressed regarding a lifetime of teaching. It will also be a nice place to praise Lord Jesus Christ, in times of distress. People do need a place to feel at ease talking about their experience and road to recovery. I don't think many sites would have the strength and courage to make this "haven".

    Thank you Lord Jesus, for making a haven for me.

    Is Talk Jesus a haven for me? You betcha!!!!!!!!!! Amen:pixie:love: :sun: :rainbow:

    Psalm 107
    Then they cried out to the LORD in their trouble,
    and he brought them out of their distress.

    29 He stilled the storm to a whisper;
    the waves of the sea were hushed.

    30 They were glad when it grew calm,
    and he guided them to their desired haven.
  7. Really good brother Chad, I had a look at some of the additions you want to add and it looks really cool.

    The Holy Spirit is giving you these awesome idea's, I can tell.

    God bless you brother
    Much love
  8. Hello there Chad

    I like the sound of synergy. Should be good to have that on board.

    Web templates look cool too. Speak is good but I have limited usage during peak hours.

    God bless you for bright ideas which the Holy Spirit gives to you. :love:
  9. Sounds Good

    The New Feature sound cool. Though i have yet see all the current features, you can never go wrong with new ones
  10. Chad,

    The new add-ons sounds great! :) I especially like the one about the quotes and the Tutorials.

    Anyone who is a new member can easily understand and navigate through the site.

    I read what Pixie had written about being an ex-Catholic, and I have a small suggestion. Maybe, just maybe, you could make the site open to all people who believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God. After all, it's not about what we call ourselves, (i.e. Protestant, Catholic, etc), but it's about our relationship with Christ.
    I think by doing this, it will open up door and make it comfortable for others to talk about their different backgrounds. Just a thought! :)

    Otherwise, great job with this site Chad! It is a great motivation to see the different types of ministries in the world! May God bless you greatly!

  11. Thank you for your kind words. Please look on the top header, left. Small statement that says "non denominational ministry since 2004". On the top right there is a small motto that confirms this as well. We are about Jesus Christ 100% and about the Truth, the Bible itself 100%. Therefore, if one comes from a denomination that does not line up with Scripture, we will respond in love with Scripture to show this Truth

    :love: God bless you, thank you for joining us
  12. Yes Chad, I saw that. :) But I noticed that under that motto "100% Jesus" it says "for serious Christians in mind...and those who seek to know Jesus." Well, the fact that it says Christians can be a little turn-off. (I really hope I'm not offending you, I really love this ministry.) It could seem a little exclusive. For people who only consider themselves 'Christian'. Just a thought!

    Anyway, great job! Thank you for the warm welcome!
  13. #13 Faithful Son, Feb 8, 2007
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2007
    Personally I think that is offensive sister, totally so, towards Jesus firstly then towards Chad.

    What is a Christian? Isn't it someone that believes in Jesus? John 3:16 and Romans 10 tell us this, therefore being a Christian from anywhere it should be okay.

    What is the difference between being Christian and using Christians in that context? There is none.

    Some people like to call themselves Christian because they go to church once in a while and because they live a "good" moral life, but that is not what Jesus told us to do.

    God bless you sister
    Much love
  14. #14 monkeys, Feb 8, 2007
    Last edited: Feb 8, 2007
    I am really sorry for offending you teraside. It actually hurt my feelings the way you approached, but then again, I may be misunderstanding your tone. The only reason that I mentioned the "Christian" part is because I know people that believe in the same values that Christians do, but do not like the term Christian.

    That is all I was trying to say. I do not personally have a problem with it. Sorry for offending you. I did not mean to disrespect Chad or start any problems. But please, do not say that I am offending Jesus...because only Jesus can answer that, and He knows my heart and my intentions.

    Sorry again.
  15. First, I'd like to say minor misunderstanding, no big deal so we move on.

    I just want to clear out something so no one is confused here:

    "The fact that it says Christian can be a little turn off". The only ones who would be turned off are those who do not care for CHRIST, I'm not one. I'm not here to please mankind, only GOD Himself. The motto on the top right makes it clear this site is for serious Christians, 100% about Jesus and those who seek Jesus. Otherwise, the rest do not care for Jesus and are not Christians. Those "who seek Jesus" are clearly unbelievers who wish to learn about Jesus and likely want to become believers in Christ.

    I don't care if anyone is turned off by "Christians". Its not my problem nor are they justifiable in their opinions. The motto is simple and clear that it welcomes all Christians and those who care to learn about Jesus. This site after all is about Jesus Christ, nothing else. Its not about those who seek Ghandi or those who wish to talk about how creative John Lennon's songs were for example :)

    I hope that clears out any possible confusion! GOD bless, enjoy the fellowship here.

    Matthew 10:33
    But whoever denies Me before men, him I will also deny before My Father who is in heaven.

    I'm not afraid to call myself a Christian. I couldn't care less for man's views or opinions on this or on Christ. GOD speaks above all and is above all and His reflection is ultimately in Jesus Christ, amen :)
  16. Amen Chad

    We are here to please our Lord Jesus not man.

    You are doing a great work here for Jesus at TJ. Keep it up brother. It is perfectly plain and clear that this site is totally for Jesus.

    I know a lot of people are being blessed daily by all they read here too.

    I really like the favourites feature as it helps me to find the posts that I really want to be able to find. I have had trouble finding some posts after reading them.

    God bless you greatly dear brother :love: :rainbow:
  17. Please see the original first post for recent updates.

    Thank you
  18. Dear Chad

    I found the favourites link and have been using it a lot. I find it so helpful too. I think there was a mis understanding in my previous posting.

    Maybe I worded it wrongly. I meant that I used to have problems in finding some posts. Now I can find them easily since the favourites link is there.

    God richly bless you for improving the site and making it easier for us to find what we are looking for. :love:

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