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New features on Talk Jesus

Would you come to Talk Jesus at any particular selected time of day, daily to pray via the "sho

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Staff Member
Would you like to see a new Prayer Time (dedicated) maybe on a daily basis where we gather together here online and pray consecutively about whatever it is we feel the need to pray for?

For example, each day at 9pm EST we gather together online and post our prayers via the shoutbox or forum Prayer Closet.

Would you be able to make it on time each day and gather for fellowship at least once a week?
? 9pm New York time ?

Makes it pretty late for us this side of the big pond... but I am sure it will be fine, if it starts I will try to join in as regularly as possible.
Staff Member
Actually, everyone should come and "shout to the Lord" anytime of the day :)


I like that idea. I think it would be a great thing to do. I would be on at the time. But maybe have like 2 times so that it could be an inbetween for the time zone conflicts.