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New Features, Feedback Request

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Would you like Zoints Local Added?

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Feedback Request

What do you think of adding this feature?
Zoints LOCAL

short description

To develop a well connected and devoted user base, members need a personal connection to your forum. Community Central ties members together by creating personal connections and curiosity. Think about it like a community portal for your members and everything they do that isn’t posting a thread.

Activities on non-forum based aspects of a site are often lost or go un-noticed. Community Central is the hub for your users: to see who has updated their profile, to know who is interacting with others, to read the latest blog entries, to find popular tags on profiles/blogs/threads, and more. Community Central shows what’s going on in your community and encourages more connections, more community, and more fun. And, Zoints Community Central is completely controlled within your vB Admin CP!

Community Tag Pages show for each popular tag who is tagged with it, what blog entries are tagged with it and what threads are tagged with it (threads tagged by Zoints Thread Tags.) It's almost as if it is the ultimate search on an accurately and frequently tagged forum and brings content not found through any other function to connect it all.
I highly suggest clicking the link to see the full description and large image samples of what this really is.

Some New Features

  • Social Groups - better layout
  • Social Group search function added to top search menu
  • Member Search also added to search menu
  • Bible Yellow Pages - found under Bible menu on top
  • When viewing a forum category, you now see a right side column of latest threads, posts, etc.
  • about a dozen new arcade games added since past month
Also, check out previous updates if you haven't seen them yet.

Please vote in the poll regarding the Zoints Local feature.

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