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New Club Started Up

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Hi there myslef and Forever89 and Princess 487 to decide to help create a new club for teens it starts: Fridays at 4.00pm PSTand finishs Friday at 5.00pm PST so join us now and get your name put on our registar and all you got to do is turn up and you auto matically get oyur name put on our Registar list. For any problems or any think to ask me or whatever please post mail me Many thanks Samantha God Bless You :love:
Hey Sammy, thanks so much. You are so great. God bless you girl. Yes Sam is right. The discussions many of you guys heard about. We want to get the teens involved and we had an awesome discussion about friendship today and what real true friends are. Share stories and listen to others. Also, if you're older, you can come join in too. God bless you, see you friday. :), Tanya