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New Chat Program: New Poll / New Software Options

Which software do you prefer?

  • DigiChat

    Votes: 3 15.0%
  • 123 Flash Chat

    Votes: 6 30.0%
  • Your choice Chad!

    Votes: 11 55.0%

  • Total voters
Staff Member
Ok. The first chat program with IM (instant messenger) was about $225 a month lease. That is not possible at this moment (maybe in the future) so for now we'll need to stick with a different chat software in the meantime.

Note: there is no IM here, just chat.

Option #1: DigiChat
Cost: $1400 one time fee
Includes: chat, integration into vbulletin database, moderator function
Demo: http://www.digichat.com/chat-room-software-v5.html

Option #2: 123 Flash Chat
Cost: $368 one time fee
Includes: chat, integration into vbulletin database, moderator function
Demo: http://www.123flashchat.com/demo.html

The advantage of DigiChat is that I can upgrade to add audio/video chat and upgrade service to include IM (instant messenger) also with audio/video. DigiChat has been around for a long time so it is stable at version 5.1 and used by large professional corporations.

123 Flash Chat is nice, less costly and just simple. But, it will go gone to the drain once Talk Jesus' donations received reaches enough to upgrade to all out MODERATED 24/7 audio/video web chats / Instant Messenger.

Poll: which do you prefer? Please leave feedback as well.

Keep in mind, unlike the other system. there is no lease here just one time purchase. No montly member fees or nonsense. Only additional fees for both software is support / software upgrade every so or so period (6 months for example, whatever their site states).

Thank you for your time.
Hi Chad. I tried to go to the crossroads chatroom and I couldnt enter. It uses digi chat. So I downloaded Digichat and then it said that I had to pay for it . I dont have credit card and I found the whole thing kinda confusing. We want people to come to Talk Jesus and be able to chat right away without having to register for digichat, or with me I downloaded it and waited forever only to be told that I needed the serial number for something. I dunno. Whatever you want Chad!
Staff Member
DigiChat does not have an actual live demo on their site but its a nice software / stable and professional. Like my post said, it will be integrated into the vbulletin meaning one login for all.
You've Done a great job in management so far.....

You've Done a great job in management so far so I would like to stick with your choice.:thumbs_up

In the :love: of Christ Jesus,
Staff Member
Thank you all for repsonding.

$1400 is a 15% discounted price for non-profit. I am trying to get 20% discount from them. We'll see what happens.
Chad, You seem to know a lot about this computer stuff and have managed this site extremly well. I leave it to your decision as I know you are guided by the Holy Spirit who owns this site. I always feel His presence here. Continue to BE BLESSED brother and bless others.
Brother Chad,

I would say, whatever the Spirit of the Living God guides towards, that way it will always be the right choice.

Peace be with you,
I think audio and video are not necessary because they are system costly and not very convenient in real work. And I know many chatrooms ruined back to text mode. Text mode is simple and easy and quite efficient.
Staff Member
Yes audio/video is just a little extra but costly perk. The IM is a great feature for the future after all. I like it and allows a friendly "inner" Talk Jesus community so to speak.
Chad I have to say Brother that whatever you decide as I know that whatever you do decide on will prayerfully be done and thus far the Holy Spirit has lead you and you have posatively responded. Bless You Chad!!
God Bless,Love, Peace, and Prayers
Yours in Him! :rose:
Staff Member
Thank you all for your kind voting and comments. For now, we can stick with the current chat software as I was able to figure a way to add moderators to it. But, would like to get one of the two mentioned in this poll sometime down the road eventually.
Hello Chad

I understand much less about the choice on offer than most so i am voting for your choice.

You do an excellent job with this site concidering all the work that goes into it. I know you will prayerfully concider the options before you and do the best with what you have for God.

Many thanks

Your sister
Staff Member
God bless you sister. Thank you for your kind words. GOD is awesome and He provides to all who obey and believe faithfully in Jesus Christ.



Whatever you think I agree with. Thank you so much for starting this site. I could never thank you enough. I pray that God will bless you and I know he will. You have great things in store for you Chad. GOD bless you!
I agree with what you say about IM being a deeper more intimate part of the chat experience. I know whatever you decide it will be in the best interest of the community as well as the affordability of it definately needs to be taken into account. You seem to have done all the necessary research and Gods vision is Guiding you into a new path.

Your brother in Christ,