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New CD's out

Okay, I gotta put this on here. There have been some new CD's out & some are just out of this world. The new Steven Curtis Chapman one is great and I am really impressed with By The Tree.
Staff Member
What type of music is this anyone?

I'm not too familiar with Christian music yet
Well Chad let me tell you then..:)

Steven Curtis Chapman would be contemporary rock/pop. By the Tree I would say is Alternative Worship.

If Christian Music is new to you check out MercyMe, they are fantastic, my fav. group. Any of their cd's are out of this world.

I am a big music buff so I try & find new stuff regularly.
Formerly Adiaglow
I've been checking out different artists. I really got into Christian music about 7 months ago. MAN! There are so many wonderful artists out there...here are my faves:

Jeremy Camp
Caedmon's Call
Point of Grace
Building 429
Third Day
Big Daddy Weave

It brings you so much closer to the Lord...:love:

Hey Gina, those are all the CD's I got playing on my CD player. You have great taste in music.
Check out The Swift, Matthew West, Shaun McDonald(Gravity). I think you will like these ones too.
Formerly Adiaglow

Thanks for those recommendations! I'm going to have to check them out. I missed Caedmon's Call at my church Friday. :( I get off work a 6:30p, and their concert was at 5:30p. Oh well. I heard it was quite a show!
Oh Gina, I just remembered a group I listen to a lot & they are Casting Crowns. They are just awesome. Their new CD is great, every song is either challenging, thought provoking or plain worship. This is one CD to have in your collection that will get a lot play time. You won't be able to get enough of it.
Formerly Adiaglow
Hey sweetie! That's so weird that you say that. Their song "If We Are the Body" was the first one I heard at church that I fell in love with. Their album is WONDERFUL. :)
We both have good taste. lol
Hi ya Gina,
We won't get Caedmon's Call up here so I am quite envious that they were at your church. I went & saw Mercyme in the summer with my husband & a bunch of friends. It was such an awesome concert to say the least.

You should check out FFH as well, very upbeat & fun.
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Formerly Adiaglow
Ooo I adore MercyMe...I can't wait for when they come in concert to our area. I want themto be my first Christian concert. I will be so into it, I won't even be aware of anyone watching me worship. :) Can't wait!!
You know, I found out that the lead singer of Caedmon's Call is the brother of our pastor, Ed Young!! WHOA! And Danielle Young is the lead singers wife! Small world. That family has been blessed!
Thanks for sharing that pic! That was awesome, I bet...
I went last year to see Michael W Smith he came to
a big church here, he has a Christmas Album out
I was quite tempted to buy it today but didnt
any got it? any recommend it if you have or heard it?
At the moment I'm looking for music without WORDS I've
taken this notion for that, don't ask me why, I've always
loved the words as they do bless, but I just want to
hear the music, I like to sing along, not that I can sing
I've put this in another thread, so if anyone can recommend
anything it would be very much appreciated. Thank you
Hymns or Carols played with nice soft soothing relaxing music.
I like heavy metal music. :band:

There are more new cd's out there than Christian music.

Like U2, Mettalica, 3 door's down, Those are heavy metal.

Just for the heck of it.

:guitar: :faint: :) :jawdrop: :D :p
:band: :laugh: :) :afro: :pizza:

in Christ,
brooks :D :guitar:
Dizmus just came out with a cd i haven't heard it yet but it should be great !!
Brooks there's heavier metel out there