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New but young..

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by sweetpea, Jul 13, 2005.

  1. :wink: I am new here on Talk Jesus but I have been on many other sites that are like this and I will have to compliment that this is one of the best so far {but they all are great because they all have the same purpose!!}, but anyways I would just like to let you all know from the begginng that I am young as some of you have all ready found out in Live Chat (which by the way is AWESOME!) but I am only 15. I am not going to focus on that I just wanted to let ya'll know before anything else. But anyways I think this should be fun and all of the rules are simple to follow as long as you know your 10 Comandments and so this should be a "Cinch" and can't wait to dig into the site!! Thanks for being able to run the site!! And any pointers would be greatly appreciated! :D
  2. Hi sister pea God bless you :)

    Thank you for joining us!
  3. hi there sweetpea. . .Welcome to TalkJesus We are happy that you found us. . .and are waiting to meet ya :love: God bless you
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    Jesus is Lord!

    Error. Sorry. I accidentally posted twice.
  5. Jesus is Lord!

    Hi, sweetpea!


    Your Sister in Christ,
    Dr. Bon Vie/"Sylvia"
  6. heya sweetpea

    its awesum 2 have more young people join a site for the Christian community!! welcome to TJ gurl! im sure dat u will have a truly enjoyable time on dis site, an ur love of God will grow more an more throughtout the time u spend on here!!

    Love ya darlin!!

    God Bless!!
  7. Cool

    hey that is cool... your beign Young that is fine i used to be the youngest in the Live Chat area but hey they all respected me which is cool... LOL untill you come across sum one liek me in there... LOL he he he. do not fear i do not bite... well not that i knwo of at least.....
    feel welcome to PM me if you wnat i am a nice person... Really.... i am only 17 so yeah.. LOL

    Love Simon!!!
  8. welcome

    Welcome to Talk Jesus, my daughter is also on the site along with many other young christians. Hope you enjoy the fellowship.

    Your sister in Christ,
    AlabasterBox :girl:

  9. ((WELCOME! sweetpea to TALK-JESUS.))

    ((WELCOME! sweetpea to TALK-JESUS.))

    We are a spiritual home, a safe haven,
    grounded in Scripture and centered in life,
    where we are nurtured and challenged in our journey of faith. We welcome all people to join us in worship and prayer, and in joyful service to the community that we are here.

    We invite all people to become part of our Talk-JESUS family. We are a warm and accepting community which actively welcomes newcomers, provides hospitality to visitors, seeks to help all become involved in our fellowship, and responds with Christ’s love to their pastoral needs.

    We are a congregation that reaches outward into the community around us and inward into our own congregation in the name of Christ to offer assistance and/or direction to those who are less fortunate than ourselves, especially children in need.

    Come and join us now in Christ's Warmth, Acceptance, & Caring! AMEN

    In :love: of JESUS the Christ, Our LORD, the ONLY begotten Son of GOD.

  10. Hey there!

    Nice colors. Purple the color of royalty.

    Jesus is the only TRUE ROYALTY.


    Dave :'>
  11. i've been to other sites to i agree, this is the best one.. every one has been helpful and a blessing .
  12. hey......
    welcome to talk jesus!!

    yeah another young person....hehe
    (nothin against the older ones here!!!love ya too!!hehe)
    hope to see ya round!!
    god bless
  13. Hey there, don't worry about your age ha i'm younger than you are:(:down: but i'll live hace tons of fun, Godbless

  14. Yeah tiz a GREAt site hey... we all so lovign here thanks for that boost of even more confidence...

    Welcom on line and you'll have a good tiem i am sureof it...

    Love Simon!!!

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