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new building

Our church at the moment is looking for a new building as our church is far too big for the building we are in at the moment...we have been looking for a building for a couple years now and have been remaining faithful that god will provide us with a new building and the finances for it....your prayers would be much appreciated!
i´ll be praying for ur church...
i think its great when a church bulding is to small and u have to go and
look for a bigger one....
god bless
thankyou very much....we were leasing a building, an old basketball stadium with more than enough room but our lease ran out and we couldnt buy it so we ended up moving into our old building which we are still in. we are looking more at buying land to build on but the church hasnt felt any particular place god has called us just yet but we are obviosly getting closer!!
i pray for your chuch bro!! no worryies...

you really are gettign around on this site arnt you??

Love Simon!!!