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New Avenue

I'm very excited about this new "avenue" that the LORD has brought me to. I thank HIM for impressimg this upon me.
Here's a little background about my computer skills. I have none, so that's how I know it came from HIM.
I was reading the WORD when I came across a passage about assembling together. I can't remember where in the Bible it was. I'm 45 and starting to forget alot of things. The point is that I don't have a local church membership (long story). So, I felt bad at that moment about it and the LORD pointed me in this direction. I saw "Talk Jesus" and that's all it took. I want so much to do just that.
I've been posting on some threads and I didn't really think that I would start my own, but now that I have there's no turning back. I don't mind going into some further detail about the wonderful ways the LORD has shown me HIMSELF. What I guess I'm getting at, is this. I want to try to be built up by my brothers and sisters in CHRIST, and if the LORD can use my wretch of a self to help someone; that's what I'm praying for. I want a "church body." If I happen to be blessed enough to run into someone who has been through some similar things, GLORY to GOD. I hope someone will respond to my thread.

jmh137 signing off
Welcome...you have come to the right place. God is present here and there are a lot of Godly, loving and caring people....Hope to see you in the chat room.
Staff Member
Hi jmh God bless you and thanks for joining us :)

Hope to see you active on the forums
Welcome and GOD bless you . My typing stinks too . Everybody here knows that by now . But they let me stay anyway . lol BROTHER
Thanks for the welcomes so far. I pray for even more replys, more inputs, so to speak. I know there is some one I'm suppose to wait for to open up the door of discussion that is needed for me. I feel GOD is speaking. I hope I can hear what HE is saying. Love in CHRIST JESUS, jmh137
Thanks Strypes for helping me out on that passage I had been reading in Hebrews for a week or so, but when I was starting my thread I went searching for what I had been reading so I could let everyone know and I couldn't find it for the life of me. Does that ever happen to anyone else besides me? I usually always want to do things the hard way instead of going to the concordance. Crazy ain't it. Thanks again and I praise JESUS for all ya'll. jmh137, I live in Kentucky, but I want to go to Heaven!!!