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Nephew on life support.

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New Member
Mum has been cleared of any mental disorder as far as the hospital is concerned. The hospital has agreed with her and the family that there may be better or more intensive care available at another hospital. The baby is to transferred there tomorrow. It is touch and go whether he survives the journey.
Please continue with your prayers. God is gracious and merciful, and abundant in goodness and truth.
New Member
Okay, my wife is home and now can fill me in on what exactly had been going on. Baby took ill on the 4th December and was taken to a general hospital in our biggest city, Auckland, about 200 miles from where I live. He was then transferred to a specialist childrens hospital in the same city where he was diagnosed with the meningitis.
Without going into too much detail, it transpires that his care there was, to put it bluntly, shocking. The doctors and hospital staff there had basically given him up to die, and all they were doing was using him as a laboratory specimen for training purposes. The mother could see this, and reacted accordingly. She was getting more and more agitated as time went on, to the point where hospital security was called to escort her from the premises. Now understand this about my niece. She's tough. And she isn't a Christian. Seven security men weren't enough to control her, she gave them all a hiding. lol. They finally got her in a headlock at which point she surrendered. When they let her go she got stuck into them again. Poor thing was just wanting to protect her baby, and good on her. They finally got her to the mental health unit where she was locked up for two days and not allowed near her child. Seeing the other 'patients' there acting like zombies, she spat out any medication they gave her and remained fully alert at what was going on. When a hearing was held to see what was to be done the authorities were surprised at her normal attitude and let her go.
She and her immediate family demanded the baby be transferred to a hospital that knew what they were doing. So on Thursday Rewi was taken by ambulance to Hamilton a lot closer to where we live. It is now evident that Rewi's care in Auckland was totally deficient. He has improved already, to the point where the seizures stopped and he needed no medication. The doctors at the new hospital are actually themselves very confused over the written reports received from Auckland. They are contradictory, dates are wrong, and some diagnoses simply in error.
So they have started from the beginning with Rewi, and it is to be hoped, by the grace of God, that he finally gets the care which he needs.
My wife has gone back up there this morning to see him, yesterday (Friday our time) he was looking so very much better, and his mum relieved and at last comfortable and at peace that something is finally being done toward his recovery. It appears the previous hospital was simply setting him up to die. Shocking, as that particular hospital has the reputation for doing good things. Mmmmm.
Thank you all for your continuing prayers and support, it seems God is very much hearing you and answering your requests on Rewi's behalf. I am blown away by your commitment to pray and appreciate it very much. God bless.
New Member
Saw Rewi myself, spending all Saturday afternoon at the hospital, talking with the family and the doctors. Baby looks great, but the little fella has been through so much that he is not yet out of danger. A CT scan has been done and there is some abnoraml stuff on one side of the brain but the coctors, without going in, are not sure what it is. They suspect it may be simply infection which they are treating. Rewi is eating and awake but still uncomfortable. Your prayers are still appreciated, and when I told the family that you were praying for them they were blown away and very grateful.

Just a little side note. My neice has been through this before. An older sibling also contracted meningitis 3 0r 4 years ago. He was rushed to a hospital in a city away in the north of the country, where the authorities were wanting to turn his life support off. My niece and her hubby refused, but the hospital were insisting to the extent that they feared they were going to go ahead without their approval which is totally illegal. So they took their son out of the hospital and into hiding and went to see a lawyer. Meanwhile the hospital had contacted the police and arrest warrants were issued and a search set. Armed with all the necessary legal documents and the lawyer himself with them, they took the child back to the hospital who then started falling all over themselves in their bid to help the child. He survived, and was at the hospital seeing his own little brother going through the same thing.

Little wonder my neice reacted the way she did at the first hospital.
Another parent who was at the intensive care room when Rewi was first being "treated" has come forward and is willing to testify if necessary that he overheard two nurses conspiring to get my niece out of the room so that they could administer more morphine than was permitted under official protocols. Char, my niece, had refused to allow them to give morphine as it was clearly making the baby worse.

If this type of care was undertaken in the states where it is possible to sue for maltreatment, we would now be looking at court and the judicial system for damages. But here in NZ that cannot be done. Institutions such as the health system get away with murder, I suspect literally.

Thanks again for all your continuing prayers, Rewi is not home yet, divine intervention I believe is still necessary. God bless you all, and I pray you all have a great holiday season and your new year be blessed by the Almighty who is full of grace and mercy.
Staff Member
I will continue to pray brother for Rewi’s health and for the Mother's salvation.

Praying that through the most grievous of trials and tribulations that are thrown their way, the Lord is there to intercede on the behalf of those who call Him Lord & Savior. That our supplications on their behalf be heard and acted upon. That continued healing upon the young one is done and that the Gospel of Life may come to fruition in this loving mother’s life and all those you hold dear. In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
I'm continuing to pray for the mother and the child. They've been through a lot, so I pray God's amazing grace and comfort comes upon them in their time of need and God receives the glory.
Active Member
What a situation!!!
Moms a fighter and those boys have staying power.
That family is going to be a great addition to the kingdom of God.Amen
I will continue to keep this situation in "lifted" status.
New Member
Mother and son gone home.

It is with a mixture of emotions that I write this. Joy, relief, thankfulness, humility. I was looking up at the night sky just last night and thinking about the power that created the heavens and the earth, and how much I was looking forward with anticipation being witness to the creation of the new earth. I remembered David's words, and perhaps he was looking upward when he said, "What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou would visit him?"
How seemingly insignificant we are in comparison to the vastness of the universe, yet the Creator of all things became one of us to bear the full brunt of God's wrath against sin that we might not have to.
One might think that would be enough, but no, the great and mighty God of all creation cares enough for one 5 month old baby in a backwater country way down here in the south Pacific to heal his little body of a disease that in most others would claim their lives. How can you thank a God like that? In reality, all one can do is bow himself to the ground and worship.

And to all of you here on this forum who offered up their prayers in faith to our loving heavenly Father, what can I say, but thankyou, and God bless each and every one of you.
I remembered David's words, and perhaps he was looking upward when he said, "What is man that thou art mindful of him, and the son of man that thou would visit him?"
My heart is joyful and filled with praise at your good news, Brighthouse.
God works in truly amazing ways. He used the prayers of ordinary people to do this thing.

Young David spent quite a few nights as a boy tending his father's flocks observing the moon and the stars at night and marveling at God's creation. And isn't it interesting that when Samuel had Jesse line up his sons so he could anoint Sauls's replacement (1 Sam 17), no one thought to include David in the lineup?

"Brothers, think of what you were when you were called. Not many of you were wise by human standards; not many were influential; not many were of noble birth. But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; He chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong." (1 Cor 1: 26-27)

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