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Needs Help

I have a friend that I havn't known for that long, but we have really hit it off, we met in my church and have alot of fun together, we chat on the phone, text each other alot, and see each other some weekends, and really enjoy each others company. He said that he is shy around girls, but he's not at all around me, does that mean that he has a slight crush on me or does he look at me like one of his guy friends? He's such a great guy and I don't want to fall for him because he has a girlfriend, some help please! I don't want to not spend time with him so I wont fall for him, because he really makes me smile, any advice for me ??

Thnx guys, God Bless.
Its probably just that e feels really comfortable in your company as in a friend. If he has a crush I think he would be alot more careful not to mess up. Especially since he has admitted a shy streak in his persinality. I used to be the same, but then I used to be able to communicate very openly and confidently with other girls because they where like sisters. Just keep calm and dont make a big deal about it. Just continue on as you's where, the less time you spend with him the more awkwardness isgoing to develop and if he ever does indicate he likes you more than a friend. You can simply say that you only want to be friends, voila, case closed. Hope this helps you dudet.

Or you can simply says gee I love you soooo much your just like a brother to me.. It will determine his hopes by his facial expression