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Needing God's help and your prayers

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by tolan41, Sep 13, 2012.

  1. I need your prayers to help me with the mess I created. I have serious financial and legal problems and I’m just about at the end of my rope. Please pray for God to give me the strength to keep going and not give up. I don’t know what to do, but with Jesus leading me I will be okay but I am so scared.

    John in Oklahoma
  2. I am praying for your situation! Even if things do not finally go as you might in your flesh hope for them to go, remember what Jesus went through...

    Jesus was always completely innocent, yet He paid the price of a person guilty of extreme error. All of us, on the other hand are guilty of something in the eyes of God. Give our God of the glory and leave your apparently hopeless case in His hands.
  3. God will give you the strength to keep going, if you stay willing to put one foot in front of the other in faith. For its your will combined with faith that enable great miracles. Its not always the miracles we hope for, but its always miracles non the less. I will pray for you brother.

  4. In m y prayers dear brother........When you are sinking...the only way Up is Jesus.

    Seek help in your we pray.
  5. #5 Brighthouse, Sep 13, 2012
    Last edited: Sep 13, 2012
    Good Brother Tolan41! I have done the same thing as well as you.Since this is true,here is what the Lord did for me. I had a dream,I was at the very end of the road,before me was a wall,I knew I needed to get beyond that wall,but also knew I myself could never do it! There was no bridge to cross, because i had burned everyone never dreaming I would ever have to go back across it! So there I sat,next to my car,no more road to drive on,and no way to ever go back either! Now what?? Since I myself created this whole mess in the first place,would calling on the Lord NOW!!!! Help me?? Why should he help me? What reason would God himself have to fix the mess I created? It was not a matter of believing if he could,it was a matter of deserving it!I knew I did not!

    Enter God's Holy Word.Psalms 27:13 I read this of course but asked Holy Spirit I cannot see God's goodness because there is a wall in front of me,and I cannot now follow Jesus unless the wall is removed! I repent of my stupidity!! I know I am to blame,I am so sorry others have to suffer for my mistake in this!Tears of shame came from my eyes. MY SON said Holy Spirit,did I not make a new Covenant with you, as well as all of my people?( hebrews 8:6-13) Look close at verse 12 and 13 good friend!! Can you believe this? Holy Spirit asked? i want to so much Lord BUT!! But what?? look my son at verse 10, I will 3 times I will is used,what did I require from you? NOTHING!!!! verse 12 the fourth and 5th I will!!! This equals my hand my son! Will you believe this and take my hand? Therefore there is no more condemnation for those in Christ Jesus!! rom 8:1 For what?? My new Covenant has set you free!! verse 2! Since I remember your sins no more, then why oh why should you?? But there is something I do want from you!! YOUR TIME!! Many seek me only when they have no other choice in there life. This you have done.( talking to me bro) It is time, I desire the most from you,time to be thankful for what I have already done,and for what I am about to do for you! When I choose you, I told you why.( john 15:16) Then I commanded you to love,but you cannot love others until you love me!

    I will watch and await what you decide to do,and so will the enemy, i know what you will do,but you do not,nor does the devil who is looking to take you own life from you! It is time to decide what you truly believe!! From what you decide comes either good fruit or bad. I came to you so that your joy would always be made full in me. But this is something you can either believe and keep,or toss away. Those who seek always find,keep seeking me always,and in me shall you abide forever!( john 14:23-John 15:17!!) Please do read all of this and understand how truth in Jesus sets us free my good brother! I had been homeless for 3 long years! After this encounter with God himself,and after I decided on trusting God and God alone,I was brought out of the pit of despair!( psalm 40:2) feet planted now on firm ground!

    But brother that was you!! Perhaps God will not do that for me? ( Acts 10:34) God loves us all the very same! but what is not the same is how we choose to serve our Lord in! Jesus is and shall be always number 1,anything less, then an idol takes his place,and we know what happens if we ever allow that to happen!! You are loved by all here brother, and you have all of our prayers!! Now go forth and learn what being a conquer is in Christ Jesus!!( rom 8:35-39!!) ( 1 John 4:4-6!!) It is NOT EASY! But it is correct!,It does not start out as fun,but truly is freedom,it does not begin with us, it starts and ends with Jesus in us!! And when this has been learned, you have what you asked for from our WONDERFUL JESUS!! amen! And never again will we not abide in HIM!! amen! May every blessing find you brother,and always find you most well in Christ Jesus amen!!
  6. Praying for you right now dear brother that the Lord will intervene right now in your life and situation.Bless you in JESUS name.
  7. Thank you, all of you. I will keep going and praying every day. I get a feeling of peace right now.
  8. Praying for you brother! Through Jesus you will find strength! Stay encouraged.:bot:
  9. I am accepting responsibility and working on making things right now if the attorney can get this done. Thank you for your prayers they did help and with God's help I will make it them I can be what God wants me to be for Him and my family.
  10. Will I ever get out of this mess I'm in? I pray daily and will continue, it seems like it is starting to workout then I get more bad news. God please help me.
  11. Thank you God for answering my prayers. Also thank you to everyone that prayed for me. It looks like my legal problems are over and I can get on with my life.

    It feels so good to have this stress removed and I can look forward now with hope and happiness.

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