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Need your prayer

Hey You,

I need your prayers..

I am in the US since 3 months now.. In Germany (my country) there is a guy who I really really like.. There is no hour I don't think about him and no night I'm not dreaming about him... I don't know what it is... But its special! The thing is.. This Guy don't talk to me at all (in ICQ, a chatprogram).. Today (my birthday) he was really sweet and congratulates me and stuff.. But I don't understand him.. I don't know what it is... But it is really bugging me, WHY am I keep think of this guy (i really barely know him.. just a few talks) even if we do not have conact?

So, I do not want you to pray that he will love me til the end.. But I want you to pray that I KNOW what gods will is.. Because I can not see it.. Does God wants me to be together with him? Or why am I keep thinking of a guy I barely know? Or is it something else...

Folks I am really confused because of him.. It sounds dumb... But I can not help it...

I need your prayers to be clear about it and to know what gods will is, and that HIS will happens

:love: natalie
it's not an online romance.. i know him because he went to my school in Germany.. (But for now I am in the US for 1 year) And we keep in Contact in chatting...

Thanks for your prayers!

:love: Natalie
It could be that you keep thinking of him because you really care about him!
But I can tell by what you said that you know that you have to leave this relationship in the Lord's hands, and He will lead you in this.
"Do not lean on your own understanding, but in all things trust in Him"

The romantic side of me must tell you, that I hope that it works out!
I will pray for you tonight concerning this guy.

dreamer (Jan)
Thanks a lot for your prayers.. I really want to lay this in the Lord's hand!! Unfortunately I have to learn to be patient...