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need urgent prayer for deliverance

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Dear prayer partners,
I am confused about the way that God is leading me in. He has opened a new way for me but I do not know how to walk in it and take my promises into possession. Please pray that he may guide me and anoint me to go ahead and to overcome all obstacles and Satanic hurdles which are in my way.
i am not being able to pay my rent and have no money for my expenses. God has to provide for it. Please pray for me.
Hi Christa I was going to write you a long out drawn out affair but I really do not think you wish to hear it!! LOL So I will make this short and sweet! What does it take for a person to wake up from there sleep?( rom 13:11-14) fear not sister!! It took this for most of us!! Sure did me! So now you are faced with something and can no longer sweep it under any rug as i used to! Get busy in the Word sis! ( 2 tim 3:16-17 and 2 tim 2:15!! BE!!! Diligent!!!)

Sometimes we come to an end of ourself,and sis it really is a good thing, nor not at the time!! Here in short is what I can encourage you in! God does and always will LOVE YOU!! All Jesus wants is what we all wish for!! Some attention! Jesus does not cause bad things to happen to us sis,but he is there to remove them.We ourselves must deal with consequeces we have made. And when we do need help such as your case as was true in my case,we call out finally to whom we should have been looking to all along! But we get caught up in things sis, I sure understand this! God does to!

But sometimes we push our grace to the point,of not being and staying thankful anymore,we take Jesus for granted!( 1 thess 5:18) the will of God sis! And it does not change from day to day either,it remains everyday! But sometimes we change towards this,and suffer a consequence for it. Jesus is with you sis,and is looking for your time,please do give him more of it sis.You will be rewarded!( heb 11:6) The Lord can make a way for you sis!!( 1 cor 10:13 says this!) All you have to do, to find this, is open the door to him in your life! ( rev 3:20-22) We must learn how to be overcomers sis,one way or another we will learn!

We learn not from an angry God,but rather from a most loving one! He is not mad at you sis,he wants you to open the door is all! Will you? Will you be willing to give our Jesus your full attention at all times now in your life? These are questions i myself had to answer to sis! And from staying ever thankful, i have received abundant grace! ( acts 4:33) But only Jesus knows your heart,i sure do not!( 1 sam 16:7) I show you what has greatly helped me sis!The Word,always read,and always spoken!Out loud to!! hehe My prayers and love from our Jesus are with you sis.Go forth and sin no more,and become established through our most blessed and loving Jesus!! amen! You have our love and prayers here!!amen!! psalms 27:13!! i know this is so true for me!! God bless you sis!
Dear Sister Christa,

Greetings sister. I'm sure be praying for you. And please allow me to speak the following.

Have no fear to step in that open door sister as long as you are sure it is by Divine Providence leading you there. You must be sure to at least to have a Word from the Lord about it so in the moment to start to move into it, you have something to lean/hold on for you to be able to face whatever challenge you may encounter in your way. Those challenges dear sister may even be far greater than those you will be leaving behind. But take heart, God's Word is always true, our God is calling us and leading us in the way is far more greater than any challenges and obstacles we may encounter in our journey.

I just remembered Abraham on here when he was called by God to leave his country and his father's household and go to the country which he do not know yet. By faith he obeyed and stepped in the promise God gave him (Genesis 12). As he set out, you see the first obstacle he met was there was a time of famine came in the land where the Lord led him, yet before coming there, God promised He will bless him. But Abraham did not doubt God and the BIBLE did not record he went back to his native land, in stead he went to Egypt, and there he felt threatened because of his wife fearing his own life. We can continue to speak his story Sister Christa, but only one thing I would like to say, Abraham heard from the Lord and that is enough for him to go on his journey without unwavering faith. As he continue to go, God also continue to show Himself to Abraham giving progress, confirmation and affirmations to His promises to him. In Chapter 24 of Genesis we can read this way "Abraham was now very old, and the LORD had blessed him in every way."

So do not fret sister. Lay hold if there's anything God has spoken to you concerning that new door. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. His Words are sure and trustworthy.

As a short testimony, I've been in the ministry as a full time staff for 8 years. Entering my ninth month, I feel in my spirit the Lord is already leading me out of my commitment yet I'm not sure what His purpose yet, what to do and where to go. During that time, I'm also in severe trial, my sister went home pregnant unwed unsure if his man would abandon her or take responsibility of her an the baby (by God's grace and mercy he became responsible, they are married now), my brother struggling in his workplace and wanting to go home, and now me? Have to quit not knowing to do next?So I talked first to my parents the three of us will be going home, and they need to take good care of us and be patient for us for a while because if God in His great mercy and grace would allow us three to go somewhere again, we are all unsure when we will be all together again as a family. I speak that in faith to my parents. Though troubled as they are they can't do anything and they just said "of course you are our children". We are all in distress. After talking to my parents, I scheduled some sort of seasons of prayer and fasting to seek God's perfect will, and to at least hear from Him. I waited almost a year. After being sure having a Word from the Lord, I talked to my pastors telling them I'm going home, they asked me what are my plans, being honest I told them not sure yet. Maybe I just need a rest and be with my family. My Senior Pastor asked again how sure am going out of the ministry and talked about the consequences I might face if being mistaken. Shedding a tear I told him I will be fine. Yet I didn't take his words lightly. I brought the warning he gave to the throne of grace and the Lord had spoken again re-affirming that I am in His way. So I got the courage to went out. So my mind is now set out for home, asking the Lord what to do there. The three of us went home really.

Yet right after talking to my pastors, a door was opened before me to work abroad. That time sister, I have no single cent in my hand. Going abroad would cost much but God speaking to me many times about a Gentile who helped and provided the needs of a servant of God. So I stepped in my faith, sent my resume', I heard there were two applicants and I'm a newbie. So I said to myself if this is God's provision for me, though I'm a newbie compared to this well experienced one, the work would be for me. I don't know what happened, I received a call to report in such and such. My brother's girlfriend (an unbeliever) in Israel send money all enough to cover the processing of all my papers, my food and lodging in my travels until the day I got on here in Hong Kong. Though with all those providence, it doesn't mean, I got no hassles in my way, even when I'm here already. The hardships, the challenges and sacrifices I have to undergo, they almost cause me to quit, but because of God's Word, I was being sustained and still here. I thank God. After being with our family for 3-6 months to 1 year, the three of us flown to our own country of destination my sister to US last September, me in Hong Kong end of October and my brother to Saudi Arabia December the same year. Praise God. God has always been faithful and good.

My prayers will go the same with you dear sister though I'm not really sure your real situation is. A young lady in our church in the Philippines shared me the same situation with you not long ago, and had given her the same counsel and prayer, she's taking little steps at a time now. I'm blessed to know the progress of her walk with the Lord. That is dear sister what it takes to follow the Lord, though sometimes He would lead us to unfamiliar grounds, we have this assurance we will never get lost when walking with Jesus. Amen

God bless you and may you be able to walk in it as soon as it is needed beloved child of God.

In Christ service,


D. ear prayer partners,
I am confused about the way that God is leading me in. He has opened a new way for me but I do not know how to walk in it and take my promises into possession. Please pray that he may guide me and anoint me to go ahead and to overcome all obstacles and Satanic hurdles which are in my way.
i am not being able to pay my rent and have no money for my expenses. God has to provide for it. Please pray for me.
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