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Need someone who could teach me how to do my daily devotional

Hi, can someone teach how to do a daily devotional? I don't know where to start, what book to read, and etc., can you share me a format of your daily devotional. Where you usually read or get your promises, warnings, commands, at what book? Thanks. comments are much appreciated. God Bless everyone., :D
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Hello @shotie un

I would recommend installing the YouVersion bible app (most popular smartphone app on iOS and Android). They have endless amount of devotionals, also sorted by topical options as well. I usually read 3 a day or more. Morning, afternoon, evening.
Devotions written by other people are helpful, but it is what they got from their times with the Lord in his Word. Each of us needs to have our own time with the Lord in the study of his Word, allowing him to teach us what he wants to say to us individually. Then, we can read what others have learned, too, to encourage us in our walks of faith with the Lord.

I would recommend beginning with the book of John, and then moving to Romans in order to get a good foundation of the gospel message and what it teaches us with regard to what it means to be a follower of Jesus Christ. Ask the Holy Spirit to speak to you and to give you the understanding he wants you to have from the passage. Take your requests to the Lord, and as you read, then let him speak to your heart concerning those requests.

Also, ask yourself "Who, what, where, when, why and how" questions, like "Who is the Word?" "What does it mean to receive Christ?" "How do we become children of God?" Etc. Look up words you read in a dictionary or a thesaurus or go to biblehub.com and look up the Interlinear, and see the Greek to English translation, and look up the meanings to the Greek words. This will expand your understanding of the passage of scripture you are reading. Also, read slowly and carefully, paying attention to carefully to every phrase, and think about what it is saying, and pray for the Lord to show you how this could be applied to your life. It is important that we apply scriptures to our daily lives and not just take in knowledge.