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need someone to believe me

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Nina Snell, May 5, 2018.

  1. my mother is satan
  2. need someone to talk to
  3. Sorry I will leave
    I been getting all my life
  4. Hello Nina. Will pray for you. Do you normally go to a church, and could you speak to one of the leaders about this after a sunday morning service?

    Peace and blessings
  5. There is 2 different satans spoken of in scripture. One is refered to as thee Satan, the head honcho in charge of all demons and fallen angels, the leader of evil that is against God. The other refers to all those who oppose the will of God, even if for a time, Jesus called Peter satan when he said that surely not will Jesus die on a cross. Those who temporarily go against the will of God dont ALWAYS do so and often repent of it when its realized that they are going against God's will. Which one is the one you are speaking of?
  6. first one
    he moves around
  7. Yes, he does move around. what kind of help do you need?
  8. prayers and for someone to talk to holy spirit touch my heart
    i not going to curse them when they curse me i forgive them
    need to let somethings go
  9. can i share something that happen to me the other day
  10. God help me save me these words are covered with the blood of Jesus Christ!
    this is God not me
    i would never talk to strangers on the social sites
    I don't belong to any
  11. If the Holy Spirit wants you to say something, then by all means say it.
  12. Hold on for a while. God sent you here for a reason. Prayers are effective to God purpose, but they may not always provide an instantaneous answer. A lot does depend on you.
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  13. my life is a curse everybody curse me
    everything what i eat sleep ect...
  14. you sound as if about to have a nervous breakdown, do you think that might be true?
  15. No God just picks me right back up not looking for a pity party just need to release my feeling in a more positive way because was cursing them back until the holy spirit sat bless them do let them make you something you are not
  16. i appreciate you guys may God Bless you all
  17. This site is for posting and leaving, then coming back later to see if there were any responses, sorta like a billboard. Its why you dont see a lot of instant replies. Because I was concerned for you, of an urgent need, I stayed on, even though I was going to go outside and do some work around the house. So please share how we can help you.

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