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need prayers

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by maturing, Sep 26, 2013.

  1. I am having a hard time right now . I was dating someone and we had plans to marry however he changed his mind. I got pregnant and had a child and we had some ups and downs and I gave him a choice either we were going to get married or not have a relationship. Well he chose to leave, I had children from a previous marriage and he had one also. We split up and then he came back it went on for a while but during that time he started seeing someone. I was working on my spiritual growth an no longer just wanted to be a girlfriend. We had dated for over a year and planned it but when we initially started dating we were both not divorced, I got divorced as the process to remarry he did not. Well needless to say I was weak and I ended up getting pregnant again and still wanted marriage well instead he decided to move in the woman he had met during our issues. He had his child with him and brought her back and forth between both of us until he finally saw I was serious about marriage .Well I cant forgive him he left me pregnant ,he made promises to marry me bought a ring I asked him to give me a time frame because he said he just wasn't ready but he was soo ready to move this woman in. I know I need to forgive him but I am soo hurt. I had to put him on child support because he would not just give me money. I told him I want to raise my kids to wait for marriage to have sex and eventhough we started of wrong its not too late to get on the right page. He said Im judging him I said its not right he move a woman in when his daughter and I had a bond and he wasn't ready for marriage although we had been together and had kids and was planning to marry but along comes this woman who is ok with just living together so he chose her. I say I forgive him but im hurt and very upset about the mind games he played. We use to go to church and I told him we could start counseling but he just wasn't ready he doesn't gto to church anymore we do not talk at all. I pray for peace and patience every day , people tell me be patient and GOD willhave a mate for me but im just upset with him and her she knows im pregnant he chose her eventhough he knew he would not be around us as long as she was in the picture. I know that we have to count the costs and be accountable im really not trying to continue fornication and really want to lead by example for my kids. Mind you I had put money on dresses for me and my daughter, bought plane tickets for relatives to fly in and supported him when he had nothing and he gets a decent job and finds some woman who settles for co habituating and that's it? I am trying to overcome this sadness any advice
  2. He doesn't sound like good husband material for any woman, I pity the women he gets involved with until he grows up emotionally and in responsibility. Be glad he is gone early on, and be content without him or anyone but the Lord and friends and family. And make it clear if you continue dating, that there "will NOT" be any petting, which leads to greater intimacy and premarital sex. You have enough on your plate with these children and the responsibility of taking care of them properly. And I pray you continue going to church and make your kids go as well. I know its rough emotionally sister, but you will continue a path of depression and loneliness unless you turn your situation around. You should speak to your pastor about counseling for you alone to help you understand how to be content as you are. Praying for you sister!!
  3. Thankv you for the good word of encouragement,me and the kids go to church and bible study and I actually told him since he choose not to lead his life by example pleasing to GOD the n he has no part in our lives.
  4. I am also praying for your situation sister.
  5. Dear One, I am praying for you. Come, let us reason together on your life. Let us seperate your needs. You have Spiritual needs and worldly needs.
    Let us first look upon your Spiritual needs for in this you will reach your worldly needs. How can this be you may wonder.
    The word of God tells us:
    "you are not dealing with flesh and blood, but rather with principalities and powers in high places". Eph. 6:11 We are always given choices in this world sweetheart,
    the good and the evil (or against that which our loving Heavenly Father desires for us to do).
    Do you recall that in the Garden of Eden there were two trees?
    One was the tree of "good and evil" the other the Tree of Life. Do you see it? Good is hanging on the tree with evil.

    The tree of Life is a completely different tree.

    Our Lord Jesus told us "I am the way the truth and the LIFE, (the tree of Life).

    So, whatever your circumstance is, dear one, run to the Tree of Life climb up in the branches, and hug the trunk as you ask
    first for the "mind of Christ Jesus" in the worldly need that has come to you. Here is your scripture to help you, "Let this mind be in you,
    which was also in Christ Jesus". Philippians 2:5
    It is what we are instructed to do, so pray to our Father," let Jesus mind be in place of my mind ". Oh you still must make a decision, but
    now you have given your authority to God to work through you to make the best decision for you. Now, regardless of the outcome, you
    can know God was in the decision. "and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God---" Romans 8:28
    May the Lord be with you.
  6. the biggest thing is to continue clinging to God like you are. My best friend is going through such a similar situation. We are praying still for the enemy to leave his heart and for him to stop running around with other women. We have faith but it is still hard to get past that feeling if betrayal. Stay strong because your children need you and continue speaking of God's love to them as well. whether you pray for him or for your marriage to be repaired listen for God's word directly for His guidance. God be with you through this
  7. Hello Dear Maturing, (with the rest of us).
    I was writing to you yesterday but decided to post this morning as I was watching little ones.
    What came to mind so clearly while I was thinking on your post, from our Lord in His love was how He had also experienced the same pain of rejection and carried it all on the cross for us.
    And because of that, He stands ever as our Faithful High Priest, not ashamed of us, calling us friends, there for us in what we go through. He has already experienced it and has for us the
    need and depth of compassion in it for us. For you. He has compassion for you in what you are going through and loves you.

    What also came to me was the man who left you.
    He doesn't know Jesus and is entangled in sin, his mind is held in bondage and blinded by satan. Captivated and following lust of the flesh, he can't see anymore.
    He is captive to a way of life that is to be most pitied. It is no life at all. What came to mind was Jonah, and how sin entangles us. Picture Jonah in the whales belly, wrapped up in seaweed tight.
    It is only when we ask the Lord into our lives that we set free and spit out on the shore
    to be relieved of that captivity of that darkness, into new life in Jesus.

    Jonah was a sign of the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and our need for Him. He was a prophet sent by God to that city to preach the Word of the Lord to a city that was condemned to die.
    That city repented because of the Lord's compassion for it. We also speak to those condemned to die in their sins, about Jesus Who came to save them. Gently talking to them, not because of what they have
    done to us, but because they are dead in their sins as we were also, and their terrible need for Jesus.

    It isn't us that does the work of salvation, but God. They may or may not receive Him. It is for us to speak of our Lord's love for them, His desiring for them to come to Him to be saved, and pray for them.
    This man, just as we once were, is entangled in sin, dead in sin, and his mind seared to right living blinded by the satan. He needs Jesus.

    I pray you understand it is not you being rejected. It is him in captivity to sin, and in sin, the depth of that captivity, no one can make right choices. Who would take their own child back and forth
    to such unstable conditions. No one in their right mind. He needs Jesus as his Savior just as we all do and did.

    We don't battle against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers and spirits of wickedness in high places.
    Just as a heroin addict can be uncontrollably under the influence of a drug people led by wrong spirits can be just as captivated and are in need of a Savior, Jesus.
    They have made devastating choices that were wrong. Led away to slaughter to what seems like life, but is death.

    . And his need is right now forgiveness and prayer and allow the Lord to work it out in his life.

    You are following the Lord now, so hold fast to Him and grow in your walk, dearest.

    The Lord came to give you life and life abundantly. You have a wonderful life in Christ our Lord to look forward to free from the captivity of sin.
    . This will truly grow dim as you experience His love for you and grow in grace. You are not in bondage to this man in these circumstances.

    Read your Bible, New Testament especially now, Prayer and praise.
    Love you in Jesus. We're here for you.

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