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Need Prayers and Advice!

Okay, so I am a young woman who was engaged to my (also young) fiance. We dated for 8 months and were engaged for 5. We knew each other for a while beforehand. I moved to Florida and he came with me but we both decided we were unhappy and moved back to our home state. Since then, we have been arguing a lot and he yells at me for things that I did not do. I know that he is depressed, and for a month he would stay for a few days, and leave for a few days and come back because he missed me. We just recently broke up (but we later changed it to just a break) a few days ago and I really do not know what to do. He said that he wants to marry me one day, and he even has a tattoo over his heart to show how much we care about each other. I believe that God brought us together in the first place (because of a series of crazy circumstances). We are both in love still but he said that he just can't handle a relationship right now in his life. All I want is to be with him and I really don't have the strength to move on because I feel like something is still strongly there. I'm asking for prayers to heal my ex-fiance's (I guess) depression and for prayers that we can find our way back together soon if thats what God wants. Please, this is urgent and he is the most important human in my life. He is also a Christian, and I am pretty sure he's my soulmate and I just can't lose him. Advice and prayers please!!
It sounds to me like at times you are co-habitating. Is that true? If it is, it is sin.

Do you think God will intervene in a situation to allow for more sin?

If I am mistaken, I apologize, if I am not....think about it.
The best advice I have to give comes from the scripture... words spoken by our Lord:

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." Matt 6:33

That which shall be added, is not always necessarily what we would like, but it will be what God knows is needed. The important thing for you is to remember are the two parts which are yours to do: 1) seek first the kingdom of God; 2) seek first God's righteousness.
God loves us so much, that He gives us choices instead of forcing His will upon us as parents do children. Real love must also give others the freedom to do the same, love him if you do, for love is always a good thing, but if your love ends up being one way, that love is still good, a bit more hurtful, but it is still good. I will pray for you both, but its up to you two both to make such an important decision.
Family Arguments: they remind me about the tennis tournament that's happening on channel Seven right now. Players try to outwit each other and hoping that the ball does not get hit back, or if it does get hit back then that ball should hopefully land outside the line. What I would do to get out of an argument is to accept every point that has been made - it's like throwing in the white tower to surrender the game, and you have not hit the ball not even once. I very much doubt any pro tennis player would surrender the game at the start otherwise it would end their career in tennis. As with arguments, the only reward is Unsolved Mysteries because of this "still waiting for your acceptance of my views" gloomy attitude technique.:
Marriage is like a contract and that the only romantic partners will not involve others besides the two (man and partner)/(woman and partner): the word "partner" is used to avoid any argument to it's true definition, because in the end when Jesus returns, marriage will be spiritual rather than a romantic one - something that Jesus will fully explain once we have our full potential intelligent Christ-transformed minds besides actively ageless bodies .:
where we will communicate and entertain each other with new and unique, fantastic and refreshing ideas, as we socialize with Jesus forever inside his future-coming ultimate clean green, community-built free city accommodation: the kingdom of God on a new disaster-proof Earth .;*;. Rev 21:2

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