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Need intercession

Good morning,

I am seeking prayer for a good job with great pay and benefits. Something that fits my skill set perfectly. I am a good worker I just need someone to give me a chance. My field of work is office clerical. I thank God for the jobs that I have had. I would just like to find a good paying permanent position. I would also like prayer for my health. I have diabetes and its affecting my nerves as well as my hair. My hair has fallen out a lot and I have been praying for restoration of my hair follicles and new hair growth. Please pray and intercede on my behalf as I don't want to lose my faith.
If you dont get what you want, you might lose your faith? Thats not really faith Chocolate.
Staff Member
Hi @Choclate fully trust GOD to provide for you. Remember this, desires (wants) and needs are not the same. He always provides what you need, but may not always provide what you desire. But, we know His plans are perfect, always.