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Need Help Finding Animated Gif Of Jesus


I found a really nice animated gif of Jesus sitting on a rock by water and the sun in the backround reflecting off the water

He is starring out at the water in deep thought

Very colorful and im pretty sure it was framed

I upgraded my computer and do not have and can not find it on the internet searches.

I can not recall what website i downloaded itfrom im pretty sure it was a relgious images website.

I really liked that image but can not find it anywhere

Any help is apreciated

Thank You

No those were not them but they are good ones though

This one im looking for was medium size and the view was as if you were looking at his left side.

Animation in it was the water moving with sun shining down on it
If you find me an image that is similar and NOT animated, I can try to animate it for you. Just PM me with a link to the picture or post it here.

God bless us all,