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Need healing - body, soul, and spirit.

I have a painful physical handicap that began hindering my mobility about ten years ago. I was hit by a car and it caused bone damage to my left leg. It is one of those injuries of which medicine says there is no cure and that it will continue to worsen. There have been times, some lengthy, some short bursts where God has miraculously lifted me and provided respite.

Lately though, it is markedly worse, and I have been unable to keep up my hope. I need a walker, and the pain is affecting my entire body. I'm living from strength to strength as God provides, but no sooner does one trial pass, than another simple task becomes a giant hurdle. I don't know if my discouragement is due to sin of not trusting God or if I am letting the devil get to me.

I also have felt that it should be enough to know that my nearby friends and fellow church members are praying for me. Recently though, I think God is nudging me to bring this as a prayer request to as many as possible. I almost feel ashamed to let show my cries about this. So many in the world have so much worse. I live alone, none of my family are nearby or saved, and they don't want to hear about Jesus as my one source of solace, so this is also wearing me down.

I get up each morning, praise God, and pray, but am still generally feeling no hope for my future. I know the scriptures to apply, but my spirit is blocked by physical pain. I have lost access to the assurance that God could accomplish a miracle healing at any moment or will provide the way out.

Thank you for reading this long explanation for a simple prayer request, and for your prayer as the Holy Spirit leads. I have tears of gratitude that God has opened the door for me to trust and share with you-all as my true family in Him.

Gratefully in Christ :love:
To Christ


Hi To Christ,
it is good that you bring your prayer request.
Praying for you.

the verse at the bottom of my post is encouraging.
Thank you peace4all and xr6 for your prayer. God has truly been answering in unexpected ways, giving me new energy, and He brought the Bible verses close to my heart.

God bless you, brothers!! :love:
Be not ashmed my sister . Cry out to your Father . He hears you and knows of your struggles . He also see's you giving Glory to Jesus Christ in your suffering , just as the Apostle Paul did in his prisons this life has to offer .

But one day , we all will be made whole , and our old bodies will be destroyed with all it's problems , and we will have new Glorified bodies without pain or sufferings . Your sufferings have brought great Testimony of God to others .

So cry out today , and be not ashamed , for your strength will be renewed soon . It it those who do not cry out to the Father , who's prayers are not heard . Peace To Christ . You have been a blessing to many here . May Gods blessings return unto you in your time of need . :love: :boy_hug: Mike
To Christ, you have ministered to me in the midst of your despair, and I don`t know how to explain that, but when I read your message, it was as tho I had wrote it (only its my husband who suffers as you do).
I want to thank you for those beautiful words "I'm living from strength to strength as God provides" because something broke inside me when I read them, and I have not been able to stop weeping this evening. Tears are a healing balm, and perhaps for this reason you were moved to write what you did, so the Spirit of God could minister to us both. I will be praying for you, may His peace and blessing be on you.
Sister ToChrist someone recently told me it's when we cry out the loudest God holds us the tightest! You are in my prayers ! Something huge is happening and suffer for many is much just know standing firm is refining you like gold!
Prayers for TO CHRIST!

To Christ, please know you have my prayers. And please consider that it isn't the "devil trying to get you" or a "sin" for you to have the natural grappling with faith when human suffering is overhwelming; all humans are cast into despair, at least for a moment, I think - which is a sin, of course - but when physical pain is never-ending, it is a challenge to our faith and we have to let despair go, realizing we are, and will be, in the presence of the Lord! Remember, it was a struggle even for Paul, and Job - it wasn't a cake walk for these men, To Christ - they prayed and prayed, and they didn't lose their faith and neither will you. And just because somebody else breaks two arms, doesn't mean if you break your arm, it isn't going to be as "Important" - all suffering matters, and you can't go around comparing scars. Although I admire you for not going around whining because you know others suffer more, it's entirely understandable that in your condition with a walker and this much pain, while also dealing with children, is a very hard burden - and asking for prayers only makes sense! :love: God bless you, my dear Christian sister, I pray for you to find healing and joy again in your life, and that you may hold fast to your faith! In Christ, CaliFlower :rose:
Coconut, BROTHERSINARMST4G, Jesuslovesu, and califlower, your kind, wise words are a continual encouragement.

Thank you all for your prayer. God is answering with His new mercies each day. Praise our Lord Jesus! Thank You, Thank You, God for two or more and for Your listening and answering! :love:
Thank you

:rose: Thanks To Christ, for all you have cared about here at talkjesus. I have read many of your posts and have seen your compassion in what you write. Never think the Lord doesn't want you to seek help through prayer, because those who are praying for you, recieve help too. Praying for someone is always a two way street.
Hope you feel better. You are in my prayers tonight. Love:pixie:rose:
Lord Jesus, Holy Father, according to Your kind will, bestow upon this child of Yours as much needed measure of faith, and surround her with Your witness of matrimony to the great testamony of Your Word and works in her. Let her seek the Healer of healers, the King of kings, in His great power and blessings available to us all, and find You, amen. Let the sin of unbelief be far from her. Accept from her any sins of the world that might hinder. Ward off the enemy of any doubt and unbelief around her, that she may be made whole and receive all of Your kind blessing intended for her, alone. Stored up and layed away before it's time to be revealed...now. Let any of those speaking unbelief be silenced, forever. Let it be done for her according to her great faith and understanding in trusting You and Your compassionate heart for her, therefore, let her faith become magnificantly magnified, oh Lord! And praise is becoming to His saints..give her something even more to give praise about...Hope, and Your salvation in the time of great need, as well as the healing Holy touch of Your Loving Holy Spirit. To those who have, more is added. He cares about our little problems as much as the great, as one affects the other, amen. You're in it with us oh Lord, so allow us to count You in, that the works of God may be displayed in us, amen! We know that You concidered us worthy to suffer for Your great need of us effectively witnessing on Your behalf, with great benefit within it all. As we are becoming great sharers in the wealth of Your promise and rewards thereof, You so generously share among Your own, making available for all to gratefully partake of. Mend the bones with the moistness of hope, peace, and Your great compassionate understanding , amen, Lord Jesus, amen indeed. Remove this mountain from her midst. Apply the power of the blood of Your testimony in her with great power and mercy indeed, amen and amen. Draw her into Your kind will and testament, that all who call upon the name of the Lord shall be forgiven and saved and healed, amen! Draw her into Your Holy Temple, amen. He does not despise the affliction of the afflicted. Come sup with Me.
pixie, tiago benjamin, and PraySay, thank you so very much for your prayer and encouragement. It is blessedly humbling to see the love with which you, our Lord's children and my brothers and sisters, unite on my behalf and for the needs of others.

PraySay, your prayer resounds as a model of the depths and breadth of what I have not found the words to express to our Lord. Even as the groanings fo the Holy Spirit intercede when I know not what to say, your words are a gift from Him that I can speak and know no stone is left unturned.

I praise God for His grace that is shown through you-all.

Love in Christ,
To Christ
i pray that the alimighty father will answer your open and heart felt request. i pray that the holy sprit will go through your body healing you filling you from your head to your toes renewing you as you are stong in faith and when you pray and belive that when you pray this prayer that he will come so mote it be he will come and heal you as it is writen anything you ask you shall have. your heavleny father knows what you need i just pray that he will fill those needs.
in jesus holy name amen
i will keep you in my prayers
god bless you
if you wish to email me: [email protected]
Staff Member
Your in my prayers sister. Sorry for the late reply. While I'm praying for you, I know you love praying for others as well so please in the meantime pray that my ears are healed of deafness (I'm about 70% deaf). Thank GOD for Jesus Christ Himself! If it weren't for our Savior Jesus, where would we find hope? No where. Thank GOD for the great power of prayer in Jesus' Holy name.
Heide and Chad, thank you!!!I am so grateful for your precious prayer for me. The love of Jesus from you, my caring brother and sister in Christ, is great encouragement. What a glorious gift to know that our Father is listening and answering your beautiful chorus of prayer.

Chad, I am touched by your kind apology. Though your stewardship and the time you faithfully put into working all aspects of Talk Jesus, especially lately, gives totally no need to apologize! :) I will surely pray for the complete restoration of your hearing until GOD provides the miracle or Jesus returns for us. :) How I join you in praise and thanks for Jesus Christ, that we could never measure the cost for our salvation and the priceless power of prayer in His name.
Fellowservant, heartfelt thanks to you for your prayer and the light of Jesus that shines through you!
The peace and joy of our Lord be with you and your family.

To all my precious brothers and sisters, may this Christmas especially bring an overflow of the tidings of great joy we have in Jesus Christ! :love: :icon_lol: