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Need counsel

Hello everyone,

Please I need to some godly counsel on what to do about this situation. How does one deal with an irresponsible family member who does not want to contribute financially or take on any responsibility, but just wants to take?
Depending on where they live (with you, in the same home you live with others) I would sit them down & let them know what is required to live there & have a date set if the requirement isn't met. Having someone leave your home due to their lack of responsibilities & respect isn't being mean or uncaring, it's being wise & responsible. We as Christians aren't door mats. We aren't Christians to give everything & be used if it is not to & for God.

If someone feels self entitled let them feel & be self entitled on the other side of the door. If it's a minor, take "privileges" away. Take or turn their phone off, change the WiFi password so they can't lay around all day on line, let their dirty clothes pile up, don't wash them. Feed them but just theway basics. I personally have gone as far as removing my daughters bedroom door. She thought that since she was a child, she was "entitled" to privileges. I pay for privacy she didn't. That was a privilege I paid for, she didn't pay or earn the cost to be the boss. My home, my door. That got her in gear really quick needless to say.

Allowing someone to use you, live off you, expect you to carry them while surviving off handouts & pity doesn't benefit them at all but rather cripples them for years to come. Enabling a freeloader is no different than handing drugs to a drug addict. The bible says that too much sleep leads to poverty. Also: those that are too lazy to plow in the right season will not have food for harvest. He didn't add "just go to your mom & dads house to eat" he said "no food". God wants his children (Christians) to be wise & definite. Our yes must mean yes & our No mean no. Not say yes & grow bitter or angered because we really meant no. Human laws change, our Lords does not.

I pray this helps with your uncomfortable situation.

Christ in me, Mindy
Remember this scripture sister Esthy09!! ( Matt 10:34-40) The simple answer would be to stop hurting them by giving to them. I love giving!! But with a purpose!!( Gal 6:2-5) See verse 5!!! The purpose in giving to another, is to help them in two ways! 1. The need they have is met,and 2. To cause them to better be accountable themselves the next time! If you always give in,they will have no need, but to always come to you.And yes,when you tell them to become accountable to themselves as well as others, they will get mad at you. LOL

What we have to remember as well dear sister is to only give what becomes no burden to lose! If we take thought of what we have done for others,then we are also looking for something ourselves are we not?? And then the giving becomes a bondage rather then the blessing Jesus said it would always be!!( Acts 20:35!!) Blessing sis!

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