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Need a prayer Please.

hey all, can anyone pray for me? i am only 14 but i always go to porn sites.... i always try to stop but i can't... i haven told anyone this (not even my pastor), so can anyone please pray for me? thanks.
Staff Member
God bless you spicyjoe I will pray for you! Don't be discouraged and pray to GOD always in Jesus' name!
thanks for your prayers guys.... i'll pray myself too! i'll come back here to this site more from now on the keeps myself off porn sites.....
SpiceyJoe, I want you to know I am praying for you...that you will find the sites you go to (& pornography in general) absolutely disgusting to the point you are literally sickened by them. No, I'm not praying sickness upon you...just that they become that repulsive to you.

Also, I feel I need to tell you this....don't let satan try to use your age against you. What you did by confessing your weakness & asking for prayer takes courage & shows spiritual maturity. The enemy may try to tell you many different things, don't listen to him. You did not do wrong by opening up....you put the enemy where he belongs - under your feet.

You are going to have an incredible witness of God's deliverance from this weakness (sin). Praise Him...testify for Him....you will be strengthened by it.
thanks Sapphire for telling me that... but when i ever i try to stop... i only can stop for a few days and i am back again.... and maybe you are right.... i put the enemy at the right place.... so thanks again.... oh yeah, i need another prayer that is for me to stop saying bad words and talk about those sex stuff in school.... please pray for me about that also... thanks everyone for praying for me.... group hug....