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Need A DL Bible College Ex Affordable And Accredited!

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by ChristianMaker, Dec 17, 2011.

  1. HeadLine:

    I need a distance learning bible college that is extremely affordable and accredited!

    First off let me describe my situation. I am thirty one years old and certainly tired of waiting to advance in my Christian faith. I need facts and I need them now! So please give me as much detailed information as you possibly can.

    I just got married in July and my wife and I are staying with family in a rather large house. We do not have much as bills with no children but are hungry for the Lord. I have made plenty of money in the past and can do again in the future if I needed to; but that is not where the Lord will have me. That is just an empty road. I have learned that money doesn’t bring happiness nor does it keep out the rain. I am currently working part time making much less and she might be getting another second part time job to make ends meet and save some money.

    What I am trying to say is that we are in the situation by choice entirely. We are trying to save are pennies; get our certifications; degrees and have time for ourselves while at the same time spend time with family. We are by no means hurting but also by no means well off. She already has a degree and is currently seeking a certification and I am going to a community college for business world and working part time.

    What I need is a real and practical solution to a bible college that is accredited and realistic; and what I mean realistic is extremely affordable with a good reputation. I am looking for a college to where I can take classes at a reasonable rate or at my own pace. Take a few here and there part time or full time or maybe even just one at a time. As far as prices go anything close to 400 or even 200 is absolutely crazy per credit hour. I mean how in the world is someone suppose to be able to afford 1200.00 per class. I can be somewhat flexible on some of these things but I need a good balance of everything. I wouldn’t mind actual books too and not just CDs or mp3s. I think someone else mentioned that once before. Also someone else said you can’t have your cake and eat it too. Well it 2011 with technology today I would think you could have your cake and eat it too but I could be wrong. So if I am just hit it between my eyes and tell me my facts.

    To sum it up I am just looking for a clean good bible college that is accredited with a good reputation so that when I am finished with all of my schooling in any capacity with my secular degree and my biblical degree I can go in any direction God has for me. I do not want to end up creek without a paddle because I made the wrong decision and cut corners. Money is a concern because if it is expensive I just can’t go. And where does that leave me?

    Considerations from raw internet searching:


    Moody Bible Institute / Global University / South African Theological Seminary / Etc …


    Andersonville Theological / Columbia Evangelical Seminary / Etc …

    The above credited options are still between 150-200 per semester hour. So basically even the cheaper accredited colleges are going to cost me over 500.00 per class? Are you serious? How is anyone suppose to afford that? Or do I just have the all wrong?

    The non-accredited schools seem to be my only financial solution needing any under 100.00 per credit hour. One just takes the chance that his Biblical Degree might not have as much meaning as his accredited counterpart.

    I guess what I am thinking if I am looking at this for more of hobby reasons like casual discipleship for the Lord in my church and personal growth the non-accredited colleges would be a fine choice? Or would they? If I wanted to one day branch out and do something professional for the Lord I would need to go into debt and partake in a more expensive school? Is that what everyone is telling me?

    Well anyhow thank you so much for taking the time in reading my thread. Any and all input would be greatly appreciated and well taken. So let’s blow up this thread and figure some things out.
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    My wife and I both have our undergraduate degrees, and we both went to a Baptist Seminary. So we have some idea of what the cost is for education. But financial costs are not the only thing to consider. There is the emotional and physical stressors that can overwhelm each of you. As many newly marrided couples can state, no matter what you plans are, God can overide and bless you with children sooner than you thought. So expect the unexpected, and allow God to direct your journey.

    I think you might be limiting God and His ability to supply your needs. If God is calling you and your wife to go to Bible College, you may be under estimating the cost per credit hour to be under $100. Frankly the cost of an quality Christian education of $100. per hour went south about 25 years ago. Remember your teachers have to earn a living as well. Is not God able to provide for your needs? Money is really the least of your needs. God will supply your needs, if you are in His direct will.

    There are scholarships, grants, and workstudy and jobs. There are grants and scholarships for ethnicities, vocational goals, present living conditions, financial need, military and veteran, and aid for Social Security disability. just to name a few. You may have a chance of a paid ministry as well. Do not limit God in directing you to the place he wants for you two to go.

    In the meantime develope a solid prayer life with your wife. Become the very best of friends. Have devoations together as often as possible. Continue to be frugal and put God first in you financial life. Tithe every dine, not to get, but to prove your faithfulness and Love to the LORD. Stay out of debt, you limit the places to serve the Lord if your in debt. Here is the most important thing in going to school.

    DO NOT TAKE OUT ANY STUDENT LOANS!!!!!! If it takes you four or five years longer by working or going part time, God will provide.


    A student loan can take up to thirty years to pay back. When your in debt, the economy can continue to get worse, and wages are not going up, and have not changed much in the last 25 years of my life. When the economy is poor the Church and Christian Ministries suffer. Be flexable, and live simple, and be wise.

    Ask your pastor where he thinks schools are that you might consider. Go to a denominational school or non-denominational school that your church supports. Remember just because someone suggests a school, they remember the school as it was when they were there, it may well have changed. Consider checking at school located in your state.

    Make this a matter of prayer. If either of you are not in agreement of the school you select, them reconsider other schools. I can not overstate how important as newlyweds, (or olderweds) that you learn to put your wifes' needs first. How you learn to respect, protect, and provide and love her is not something done in a short time, it takes a lifetime.

    I strongly urge you to learn to live on one income. Wise is the couple who is determined to live on what they are given from the Lord. I believe for a Christian couple it is best for that husband to provide for his family. There are situations and problems in life that this can not be.

    My advice to married couples is protect yourselves from divorce. There is nothing more destructive to men and women and children than divorce. Hardness of heart kills love, families, and has a lifetime effect. Make you marriage an example of a Covenant Marriage. Determine that divorce is NEVER an option.

    You will always be a student no matter how long you live. Always be a witness to your wife, children and those whom "are in your normal traffic pattern of life". Dr. Richard Jackson.

    God bless you and your wife in your journey of the rest of your life!:wink:
  3. What is the goal or outcome you are expecting from vocation?
  4. .okbu.
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Non-Accredited - Not Sure?
    - Non-Accredited - Not Sure?
    - Not Sure? - Not Sure?
    - Not Sure? - Not Sure?
    - Non-Accredited - Affordable
    - Accredited - Possible
    - Accredited - Affordable
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - Affordable
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Mill
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    - Accredited - To Expensive
    Charis Bible College
    - Not Sure? - Possible
    Covenant Theological Seminary
    - Accredited - To Expensive


    What do you think about these any ideas?

    I think I am going to go with the most affordable accredited option for my future goals and dreams with the Lord!
  5. Thank you so much for all of the kind replies. I really appreciate it. I am still on my journey; but believe I am going to go with the most affordable accredited option. Even if I just take a few classes here and there. One day I will have a fully respectable bible degree that I may use for the Lord in the future if needed. And if not I will have the knowledge for my own personal understanding and reasons .
    That I may ultimately learn how to serve the Lord properly. For my own personal edification; and finally to learn how to serve others around me properly.

    This way since I am going to do it. I mine as well have something to show for it when I’m done. Something inside still has a hint of maybe going with an extremely affordable and respectable non-accredited bible college for simply knowledge and personal hobby like reasons.
    At the end of the day I will probably go with Affordable Accredited Option! Never know where the future may take me!

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    Nothing is in any particular order …

    List Final: Bible Schools

    - NA - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - NA - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - NA - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - NA - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - A - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - A - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - A - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - A - To Expensive - Good Reputation
    - A - To Expensive - Good Reputation
    - A - To Expensive - Good Reputation
    - A - Affordable - Good Reputation
    - A - To Expensive - Good Reputation
    - A - Affordable - Good Reputation

    Misc: Sites or Books
    Walston’s Guide to Christian Distance Learning

    My Picks: What I am leaning towards


    I am still reading “Walston’s Guide to Christian Distance Learning” so things might change; but I am pretty much set on these schools because they are affordable to our budget. All I want is a very affordable respectable degree and I believe these schools can provide that. Remember this is more hobby driven than Pastoral driven. I am still seeking a college degree at my local community college and will transferring to a university once I complete my associates. I just want to take a couple of Christian classes here and there along the way while I purse my secular degree. This is for my own personal edification and for me to prepare myself for the service of the Lord in the future for whatever that may bring. I really appreciate everyone’s comments and look forward to growing with everyone in the future. Also please don’t hesitate to add last minute comments. Thank you everyone and have a wonderful day!
    And to everyone else that had concerns about my wife working too much. She is on a mission and is doing exactly what she wants to do. I told her not to take the second job but she insisted. Plus when I was making good money before I saved up some money. I also have extremely low interest loans that I can personally take out that are custom to me if needed. I am working part time and we are by no means struggling. As far as her family goes they asked us to move in. We had our own place but they are a little older in age and wanted some companionship. It was a win win for everyone. Not everyone fights with their family; some families love each other and look forward to spending time with each other. I’m sure our situation will change in the future but for right now this is where God wants everyone in our family to be. We just need to watch our pennies and make sure we do not get into a bad situation by being careless. However I do appreciate everyone’s concern. I can’t wait until I get my degree and can go into the work place once again as a paid professional and on my free time spread the word of God because I know how and I have the love in my heart.
    God bless everyone!
  7. I am still not sure which one to pick?
  8. Hello everyone! I am back.

    I still have not made a decision. However, I am ready to pull the trigger on something ASAP.

    Since I created this thread I have learned a lot and have been blessed a lot.

    I have started a community group in my local church, got a fabulous job and have been saving money, and have a baby on the way.

    I am no longer trying to ever keep up with the Jones's or try to get the best of the best. I 100% just want a solid distance learning online program that is NOT accredited. I just care about reputation and honor. That if I graduate from their program that it will be respected and people will know that I received a good education.

    I have already completed my BA with a 4.0, I am looking for a Master Degree.

    I would go to Moody in a heart beat by here is no way I am paying 400.00 per credit hour for about 1200.00 per class. Not in this world.

    So if you guys don't mind, I am looking for something extremely affordable because I am doing this just because I feel it is on my heart from God. I am looking at it like advance bible study with a certificate on the side after completing. Don't really want to pay an arm and a leg for that.

    Please let me know what everyone thinks. It would be greatly appreciated.
  9. @ChristianMaker
    Glad to see the fire still burning to grow in the word.
    I have not seen this thread prior to this.

    I don't know the particulars, but felt moved to share this with you.

    Blue Letter Bible Institute - Introduction

    Whether they meet with what you are seeking to accomplish I do not know.

    I will add my prayers that an avenue for you is provided.
    In the name of Jesus Christ I pray. Amen.

    God bless and stay faithful! :)

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  10. I am doing this one online its in my own time, so I havent been on to it lately been busy but plan to complete it it might seem real basic but basics are still good. And its free. It gives you certificates after you complete it but its not accredited.

    World Bible School

    I have done a Perspectives course and would recommend it if your heart is for missions. When I did it as a block course, however it does cost and does seem to have an american bias. Which is good or not so good depending on where you coming from. its not an online course thought theres practical component to it.

    Sorry dont have the link but you can google it.
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  11. That is what I am more leaning towards. Something a lot more affordable but respectable. I am more or less looking for something that is like an advance bible study for myself but I get a certificate at the end. However, I do not want to attend a Diploma Mill either.

    Anyone else have any new schools that are affordable and yet respectable? Does not necessarily need to be accredited. Just at least have a good reputation of producing good Christian Students with sound doctrine.
  12. Actually I found you can now do the perspectives course online.

    All the best for your studies..hope you find something. If you not enrolled in anything the best thing I found to get started is to read a devotional everyday. I recommed the One Year Bible and there are also devotions related to that.
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