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Hey is anyone into the NBA at all? if so please post here id love to talk about the NBA with you!! and does anyone play in a team? I play in a team!! just in a social league tho! my team is starting to do well our last game we won 65-37!! i scored 8 points in the first 5 mins but i only ended up with 12 points!! we played heaps well as a team tho!!

NBA - my fav team is the sonics!!
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hey craig!!
I am a huge nba fan!! My favorite team is Pheonix Suns and my favorite player is Steve Nash...and not because he grew up down the road from me, but because he is awesome and a great role model!! I like the sonics too, and detroit! Can't wait for the season to start there are some interesting trade rumors out there!!

hey i started a new NBA thread in the lounge section, i asked chad if he could start a sports section or tell me were would be best to post about sport he said lounge section so im posting about NBA there now