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Natural supplement that helps body heal itself

I wanted to let everybody know about glyconutrients. This is a dietary supplement that helps your body heal itself and return to the condition that God intended it to be. Our bodies were designed at the time of creation to get nutrients from fruit and vegetables grown in the soil. In today's society, we do not get the right nutrients and so our bodies are not working up to par. Even if you are a strict vegetarian, the fruit and veggies at the grocery store were picked so long ago, that you are missing a lot of the nutrients because it was not allowed to ripen on the vine. These supplements give you what your body needs.

I have been taking them for 6months, and have seen very good results. I am a pharmacist and very leery of any supplement that claims wonderful results. My son is 8 years old and has always had a skin condition. The skin over his whole body is extremely dry, rough and itchy. He told me that he will just have to wait for heaven to stop itching. After 2 months of this product...finally he was not scratching anymore. Later I find out that this is a christian company, and they pray over all their products. One of the pastors at my church went to a regional meeting for the company that makes these products...she said it was like going to a revival. Praise God.

Sister in Christ
Staff Member
Very interesting sister. Thank you for sharing this. I'm a health freak myself and have abused the thermogenics and all. I'm back to normal (almost lol) now.

Thanks for sharing this. What is the company name that your referring to?