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Naked Faith

I'm currently reading a book by Nicky Cruz - "Soul Obsession". You may know better his book "Run Baby Run" about his time as a gang leader in New York. I just had to share this as it's so true, yet put so simply.
Naked Faith – Nicky Cruz
"Naked faith demands that we somehow learn to marry the mind and the spirit. That we put away our pride, and doubt and fear and stand before God, empty and broken, with nothing but a raw and unquenchable trust. That we close our eyes and ears to the voices that tell us what God can and cannot do, what God does and doesn’t believe, how God does and doesn’t work, and allow God to show us for Himself.
God wants us to move past our doubts, to crush our fears, to forget the natural and move instead into the world of the supernatural. Stand on this truth, believe this truth, embrace this truth and you will see miracles! You won’t see God, but you will feel Him. You can’t brush His robe, but you can smell Him as he passes in front of you. You can’t touch his face, but you can experience His power.
You can’t see Him with your mind, but you can see Him with your heart.
My trust is often blind but never irrational. It seldom makes sense but always brings results. It can’t always be explained, but it always feels right. If I had one message to shout from the rooftop of every church building on the planet it would be this: God is bigger than your doubt.
No matter how grim things look, no matter how much pain you feel, no matter how confused and tired you may be, trust Him. He will take your naked faith, no matter how small, and create a miracle bigger than you’ve ever dreamed or imagined."
Great truth 307 ! I do believe TalkJesus is starting to grow to the next level . God the Father allowed one way to freedom . Total trust and brokeness before him in this world . And for us to put on Christ , and none of this can happen by our own doings , but it is a gift from the Father above . Our live's are hidden in Christ . Lets leave ourselves behind , and find ourselves in him . Peace and Grace to all through Jesus Christ , our Risen Lord . Mike
Great truth 307 ! I do believe TalkJesus is starting to grow to the next level . Mike
Amen Mike, I'm sitting here in amazement - that is the very thing I saw this morning. Praise the Lord.

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