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Nabal’s Folly

Staff Member
The name of the man [was] Nabal, and the name of his wife Abigail. And [she was] a woman of good understanding and beautiful appearance; but the man [was] harsh and evil in [his] doings… 1 Samuel 25:3

Most men have their “Nabal days” when they’re growly and ornery, like a bear that’s been awakened too early from hibernation. But as your mother may have told you when you were a kid, “Don’t scowl, because it could freeze on your face and you’ll be stuck with it.” (She never told you that?) Be on your guard against bad attitudes. Over time they can become habits.

Before he became king, David lived in the wilderness near Nabal’s sheep farm. One day, one of Nabal’s servants told Abigail, “David sent messengers…to give our master his greetings, but he hurried insults at them.” The servant added, “He is such a wicked man that no one can talk to him” (1 Samuel 25:14, 17).

Do you get in moods where no one can talk to you? In Nabal’s case, his attitude stemmed from the fact that he was wealthy and was used to bossing people around and getting whatever he wanted—including a beautiful wife. “The poor man uses entreaties, but the rich answers roughly” (Proverbs 18:23).

Don’t fall into that trap. You are to love your fellow man as you love yourself, and if you do, you’ll treat him with consideration and be ready to listen to him.

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