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Myths of a Muslim AntiChrist

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by stephen, Feb 14, 2013.

  1. With Muslim birthrates soaring across predominantly Christian strongholds from Europe to Sub-Saharan Africa some sociological experts have Islam replacing Christianity as the world's largest religion soon-real soon....Additionally, there has been a growing movement in evangelical circles to pin the ethnic/religious background of the future antichrist as a Muslim.

    "The Assyrian" reference in scripture does not necessarily refer to the antichrist [As explained in the] article, "The Antichrist: Will he be a Muslim?" the reference found in Micah 5:5 to the "Assyrian" is located squarely in a Millennium passage of Micah... (Assyria was the enemy of Israel at the time Micah was written) (Reagan, "The Antichrist: Will he be a Muslim?", 1). "The Assyrian" must be a reference to his character as an enemy of God's people and a terrible person overall.

    The Bible doesn't hold back when describing the personality of the antichrist. He will be the worst human being in world history. Think about that for a moment. Perhaps the most telling indication that the antichrist will not hail from a Muslim land is found in Daniel 11:37, "Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all."

    Could you imagine the response of a devoutly Islamic nation like Egypt or Iran after their leader says, "I am god, there is no other god but... me! You will now bow down and worship... me!" This declaration would be both a direct blasphemy against Allah and a death sentence. Even in secular Turkey a man who claimed to be god would find himself thrown in prison at best.

    No, the antichrist will not come from a Muslim land. The biblical, cultural, and historical evidence is too strong against the prospect.

    More likely, the antichrist will come from the heir of the Roman Empire -- the Western world. Rather than declared a heretic and beheaded, the antichrist's blasphemous opinions will be welcomed with open arms in post-Christian Europe as trendy and edgy.

    Myths of a Muslim Antichrist | Geopolitics and Bible Prophecy
  2. #2 brakelite, Mar 1, 2013
    Last edited: Mar 1, 2013
    Hello Stephen. I read the link's article and agree that the antichrist will (or as I believe, is) not a Muslim. Never mind the arguments against an Islamic antichrist, scripture itself is so very clear as to where the antichrist comes from, and who he is. I read the comments below that article, and was very interestede in a Muslim's response. He said that the term antichrist in Arabic is 'daijjal'*...which means precisely as the term means in the Greek, imposter, placebo. The word 'anti' in the Greek means 'instead of', or 'in place of', as in the word 'vicar', which is a term given to ministers who stand 'vacariously' in place of God, an expression which is explicitly antichrist in nature. There is I believe a more insidious reason why Christians are so much against Islam. Terrorism accounts for such a small minority within that religion...I see the remainder as being very open to the gospel, so long as those presenting it are living up to it.True Muslims are very devout, putting the majority of Christians to shame; they will not listen to any Christian who compromises and livrs for the world and not Christ. There is a great interest within Islam regarding Jesus Christ and what He accomplished for man, there are many conversions throughout the Muslim world today...but Satan is stalling this work by establishing prejudice in the hearts of many of us Christians who should know better.
    Back to the antichrist...I know its an old thread, but I wrote extensively on his identity in the thread "were they right?". I still stand by my arguments within that thread, convinced that the Christian world is greatly deceived by Satan and is looking in all the wrong directions for antichrist, not recognising he lives next door.

    *(دجال) Arabic for 'antichrist'.)
  3. IS the anti-christ to be a muslim? I do not know. Are muslims anti-christ- this I do know.
  4. I am not so sure about that. Sure, history informs that radical Islam has been a constant enemy to Christianity. Tammerlane wiped out almost the entire Assyrian Christian church which from the 6th and 7th centuries (or there-abouts) was very strong throughout the near East. But today it is very very different. Jesus is looked upon with far greater respect than in former times. Admittedly He is not recognised as the Son of God, (Muslims are quite confused over the "3 Gods") yet are still far more open to discussion today than ever before. Bias and prejudice on our part through presumption and false theology regarding such things as the identity of antichrist as those authors in Stephens link clearly reveal, is actively hindering the work of the Holy Spirit within the Muslim community. We as Christians greatly underestimate the love God has for these people. Remember, many of them are children of Abraham and are inheritors of the original covenant between God and Abraham. This covenant was confirmed with Hagar and Ishmael. For Abraham's sake and His own, God still looks with favour upon these people and desires they be brought into the truth. That God is working amongst them today is evident by the many conversions taking place...far more than you may realise. With Stephen's permission here is a link you may find enlightening. Visions of Jesus appearing to Muslims?
  5. muslims are very naughty boys and sometimes girls. They do not need defending as they are very anti-Christ as Larry states. They, like all, need a Saviour Who we know is Jesus Christ the Son of God Who gave Himself for our sins that we might have life and have life abundantly and eternally for His name's sake.

    as for THE antichrist, it might pay to rethink, as much as it might be convenient for the pious to look outside the camp for trouble and it's source, it may be that the one you look for is from the camp of those who call themselves christian but are not Christian.

    I can't see the benefit of transforming yourself into a smelly* muslim in order to trick the saints, can you?

    *smelly: one can not get to the Father but by the Door and if some try with works and that includes worshiping and honoring dead men, then their works of righteousness are as stinking or filthy rags. (see Isaiah 64:6 )
  6. I respect your opinion and your right to disagree brother. The fruit of death that the muslim religion manifests seems to speak for itself. The muslims are killing Christians all over the planet and believers are being martyred by them at the greatest pace in history,

    1Jn 2:18 Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.

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