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myspace warning

Discussion in 'Parents & Couples' started by calluna, Mar 31, 2006.

  1. Many of you may have heard of website. I recently read and heard two warnings about this place. My son goes there and I often check and it seemed all ok. Then today, God told me to check again.

    This website is dangerous for our teenagers. On a programme on tv they were warning how sexual predators go there to prey on vulnerable teens. male and female.
    I was shocked how my son was able to access some pornography, pretty explicit stuff. There were adds for alcohol aswell. And he was receiving pictures and messages over 18 and 21 year olds. My kid is only 14.

    I just thought I'd let you guys know just in case your kid has a myspace and just check things out.

    I had prayer for husband and myself asking for guidance and wisdom in this matter in how to discuss this and discipline our son.
    I would like more prayer for this.
    thanks calluna
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    I have some additional info to share on this subject calluna...

    A Window into the "MySpace" Generation-PART I:
    The "MySpace" epidemic might just be the new hub of youth culture; should we glean from it... or object to it?
    By Jonathan McKee

    A decade ago I would have told you that if you wanted to get to know a kid, "Go look at his/her bedroom." Now I'd tell you to look at their MySpace page. is a porthole into the world of today's teenager and tween. Should we look into this porthole... or swim away?

    People, churched and unchurched, are already casting their votes. If you've glanced at the TV or the newspaper lately, you've been hearing all the hype about

    "It's a petting zoo for pedophiles!"

    "Kids post graphic pictures of themselves and reveal too much personal information."

    "Criminals use the site to set up drug deals or sell illegal merchandise."

    "Schools are blocking on school computers!"

    In the youth ministry world we're beginning to hear even more generalizations.

    "Christian parents are allowing waste to be pumped into their kids' heads through their broadband lines!"

    "The profiles are filled with racy pictures, profanity and ignorance-no Christian belongs on!"

    But not everyone is throwing the baby out with the bath water. Some youth ministries are making use of the site. They figure, "Most of our kids are riding this boat, let's grab a paddle!" They use MySpace for communication and even publicity for their programs or events.

    Some Christian kids are oblivious to the dangers of the site. Others are claiming that the site is okay if you're careful. Experts are beginning to outline safeguards that parents can implement.

    Are the "experts" right? Can a kid be on MySpace and keep their innocence? Or are these "safeguards" another instance of parents throwing up their hands and giving up? Are MySpace safety efforts just the proverbial "condom" for today's kids using the popular site?

    ...continuation and Part 2 of this message:

    Jonathan McKee is president of The Source for Youth Ministry and author of the new book "Do They Run When They See You Coming? Reaching Out to Unchurched Teenagers." This book helps us better understand youth culture today and equips us to reach out to an unchurched generation. Jonathan studies youth culture and trends, speaking and training across the country and providing free online resources, training, & ideas for youth workers at
  3. Hey you guys! Long time! I just wanted to add my recent experience with this MySpace joint. I have a niece who just turned 18 last month. My husband sent me an news article about this site called "MySpace Invader" also discussing the dangers of this site because it is the perfect place for lurking sex offenders.

    Out of curiosity, I decided to check this site out and see if our 16 yr. old son or any of his friends might be using it. I did a search and didn't find our son or any of his friends. Instead I found my 18 yr. old niece and MANY of her friends. What's worse is she had a public profile with some sort of survey with numerous questions which she had answered very honestly giving not only her age, place of birth and an exact physical description, but also where she is currently living...OY!!! I felt so sick to my stomach knowing that ANYONE had access to her personal information.

    What was worse was that she had some foul song loaded and playing on her myspace page and had admitted openely that she drinks and had gotten drunk before THEN had the audacity to say that "Jesus is my hero." UGH!!!

    I got an account with this stinkin' site so that I could email her directly. I let her know that I was concerned for her physical and spiritual safety. After I sent her this very lengthy email, I checked the next morning and she had changed her song choice and deleted the survey with all of her personal info.
    Unfortunately, she'd had her myspace since July 2005 so no telling how many sex offenders have her information already. She also had 153 friends listed, of whom she probably knew only 20 or so personally!

    After praying about it and discussing it with my husband, I called my oldest sister, who is her mom, and asked her to please come over to my house so I could show her something.

    She and her husband both came. They couldn't believe what they were reading or the pictures their daughter had posted of not only herself but of her little sister and brother too. Her mom and dad were devastated but glad to know about it they said. My niece has since had to terminate her membership with this site.

    I think this is a horrific site and does make pre-teens and teens vunerable to the worst type of predators out there. I'm glad to know there are other Christians out there continuing to lift up the youth of the world! It's needed more than ever.

    I am in agreement with what a good friend and Sister in Christ wrote to me regarding this situation. She said, "I totally believe that the Lord is about to do something big with our young people and that the enemy will try anything to keep them out of the will of God. Praise God that He is the Almighty and the enemy is subject to His authority!" Praise God indeed! AMEN!

    Take encouragement in that, Sister Calluna! I'll be praying for you guys concerning your son and would ask that you do the same for my niece and her family! Thanks!

    God bless you guys!
  4. Hello everyone! I know this is a response to an old thread but I am a new member so I was just skimming through and saw it. What was mentioned is true. Two of my children have My Space but is stay close when they are on an monitor everything. What get's me is the content the children that aren't monitored put on their profile and send to others. It's a shame more parents don't care. Anyway- with this in mind I feel I have been given a mission and set up a My Space for myself and am going to use it spread the Truth and the Word and about Our Savior Jesus Christ. I am still working on getting it all set up but I pray it does well.
  5. As far as myspace goes, I used to have an account on there and have friends who are Christians that have myspace accounts and know that there are genuine people who do try and share the gospel with people.

    Personally however, I have cancelled my account due to a concern at the content on there and see it is something that can be used for good or evil. Yes there are dangers and concerns about it but at the same time any "friends" on there you can approve before adding them. I do pray for people that go there as it is open to abuse as others have mentioned.

    What concerns me also is that it is possible for bulletins to be sent in someone's name by hackers and this happened to a Christian friend of mine with a person using their account saying some things that she would never have said and the danger is that bulletins and surveys from people you dont know can be issued. She had to post an apology bulletin to all those who had seen what was written.

    Having said that, it has a wonderful potential as a concept and it's a pity that there isn't a Christian version of a myspace.

    Finally, if we object to it we should show action by complaining about it or praying for the site and the users that go there as it is not the sort of thing we as a church can ignore.

    God bless
  6. myspace


    I got a my space account and I'm 29 yrs old and my sister and some other family members of mine are on there but we're all over the age of 18.
    I have alot of christian friends on there as well as non profile has alot of christain pics. and banners againest child abuse and so on.
    i even post verses on there. I think it's a good why to share about Jesus.
    and lead people to christ.
    kids are going to do what there going to do. I mean if there doing this on the internet there doing it when your not around off the computer..there's sick crazy people everywhere there at the mall i mean if people really want to find you they will ,even if you tell them where you live or not. there's so many websites out there where you can look someone up. there's porn every where it's not just myspace you can look it up on the net you can go to a gas station and it's right there for the world to see.if your going to crap about one thing you might as well go as far as movies and store that sell this stuff. video games are pretty nasty too Ive seen some that show alot of stuff even sex. on a game for kids ok.
    well I end this take every one if you wanna look me up on myspace go right ahead.... peace be with ya'll oh by the way they will let you can report the pics on there so if every one reported these pics maybe they will take them off:love:
    God bless
  7. Myspace does not support pornography like some one has previously mentioned. And if you want to be carefull with it then there is an option to make your son and daugters profile private so only friends may view it. This world is filled with sin and disgust. I believe best way to live is to see the right and wrong and know which is right. But it is good to be carefull on that site because there are many sick people out there that are looking for young kids. Hope this info has helped.
  8. In my opinion, the entire internet is a disaster.

    The only thing it should be used for, and this goes for Myspace too, is to inform about and help people grow in the love Christ.

    Of course, some might object to my opinion :p

    But really, myspace has potential for good, but that good will be wasted for the majority of its existence.

    God Bless.

  9. you can not say the entire internet is a disaster.
    because you can use it for good like some one already said in here.
    you might as well say the world is a disaster because every where you go now. like I said before in stores, gas stations, bill boards. it all has slutting pics of poeple. before there was internet ( there were crazy poeple trying to pick up children. porn was way back then too. and all of that was way before the internet came around.
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    On the contrary, I can and do say it is a disaster.

    After all, it is just an opinion, but it's not one without any basis.

    Sure the net has potential for good, which I infered when I said myspace had potential for good, but it is certainly used for many evil purposes, whether it be life-consuming videogames, easy access porn and gambling, or whatever else goes on in it.

    The internet is convinient for our lifestyle, and while it is defintely great that Christians are actively sharing our faith on the internet, I reckon that the damage the internet causes is significant enough to warrant my opinion.

    And since you mention it, yes, I do think the world is a disaster. And the bible tells us it is going to get worse before Christ comes again. But I'm looking forward to the day it is no longer a disaster. That's not to say that I dislike the world or anything, and in no way infers that there is no good in the world or that the good there is is wasted, I'm just recognising that it's having a few minor issues here and there. ;)

    God Bless.
  11. about myspace

    Hi. I haven't been here for a LONG time, but I wanted to share some about this. I have a myspace account. I am strict about who I make friends with. Also, my husband is working on a Christian website kind of like myspace, but he has very little time to get it really going. If you would like to visit the site, let me know. I'll give you the URL.

    God Bless!

  12. I agree w/kristina
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    Greetings folks, son introduced me to mySpace, and informed me that his brother had a page on it, as did he. Sure, I was umm, moved(?) by what I saw. But I was moved to do something.

    What I'm about to write might get some upset, so if you are too squeeky, or say, "Gosh ! Horror !" or the like, and the thought of profanity makes you want to run, then perhaps don't read anymore. I understand if you get upset, but if you think you can handle it, read on...there is too much fear of getting dirty hands in the business of being a Christian, and not enough willingness to go to battle...stay at home, but check as to why you do, is it because of self indulgent piety, or fear of evil, or misunderstanding of the mighty power of God in your life. Think about it, our Lord see's all that goes on...ALL ! I think I'm safe to say that the most miserable and disgusting thing that He sees is the dirtiness of professing Christians, taking His name in vain...vanity. Recall some instances of dirty and unclean, socially unacceptable people in the Bible...yes, the Bible, and just how close the Lord got to LOVE.

    So, two of my boys (who, by the way, don't live with me...thousands of miles apart) are using mySpace. I saw a door, wide open, for me. And I have used this opportunity to the Glory of God.
    PLEASE NOTE HERE.....if you think of doing what I have done, be very prayerful, and get back-up prayer and support. The devil may be a defeated foe, but he still bites...and you are the one you need to watch out for...if you are easily mislead, succumb to temptation, have fear of man, or can't think straight when dealing with sinners, you had best ask the Lord for a more suitable task...He knows you and your faith, and will not put you under any load that you can not handle. PLEASE LISTEN TO WHAT I JUST SAID.
    Years ago I went swimming...metaphorically, in the shark infested waters, desiring to save some. A few years later I realised that I didn't mind the bites, and I was getting very sloppy in my witness. Where I had intended to help, I became one of them, so to speak...but worse, in fact, not worse, as those who are lost and in darkness are not bad...but I, I knew better...and I was doing things that a Christian ought not to do. To shorten the story, the Lord pulled the carpet from under my feet. It cost me dearly and the pain I would not wish upon anyone. I want you to know that He also caught me in His arms...he is love. But, the damage has been irreversible. SO BE CAREFUL AS TO HOW INVINCIBLE YOU THINK YOU ARE, AND REMEMBER THAT THE HEART IS DECEITFUL ABOVE ALL THINGS.

    Back to mySpace, I saw that I had opportunity to reach out to the friends of my sons. So I asked to be shown more about it and one of them helped set me up on mySpace. I have made contact with their friends since.

    It is so very important to keep in mind that these youngsters, the world over, need encouragement. Look around you. This world is not much for them. I am a fully-fledged man of scripture, and I know the power of the scriptures as living and effective for the salvation of souls. But (and I don't like using 'but' in reference to scripture), remember the disciple who drew His sword when they came to take Jesus away, and what did he do with his sword? The Word of God is a Sword. But, (again) it is not for cutting ears off with. Many would do well if they remember this. Many might also want to burn me on a stake too.
    The young folks need the scriptures, we all do. But (again!), Jesus became flesh and dwelt amongst us....and went about doing ...good. He is the living word, and we need to follow Him into this sick and needy world full of demon posessed people, all needing a touch of His love.

    When I was young, me and my friends would do all the wrong things, away from our parents sight. Back then, pornography, paedophiles,(edited by LLJ) and perversion were the today. I had a few encounters with all of it, and I was not the only was normal, everyday life in this world. Saying BOOOOO!!!! to mySpace is not going to change it. Sorry if you're still reading this and you are getting upset, but (it's OK here-but), mySpace is NOT the problem.
    People are killed everyday in car accidents. Young and old. Many are ruined for life. Do you drive one of those killing machines? To go a bit further, cars pollute this you drive one ? They also cost lots of money ... are you a good steward of money ?

    People don't need to be told constantly....they need friendship and love...Christ's love.

    If you have children using mySpace, ask them to set you up. Open your eyes to the world they are in. If it upsets you....good, yes, good...pray about it, but don't become so righteous as to condemn and boycott them and don't forbid your children from staying at home and keeping safe off the streets. Look and see .... now you will have things to instruct them on, to guide them as they fact, you will have so much more understanding of what their needs are. WHEN our children are young, we tell them to be careful of the fire, and caution them about dangers...they don't always listen at they ? Well, when they grow, and stop thinking as children, the dangers change with them. YOU need to know what dangers they are in in order to caution them. AND... you need to be their FRIEND. And their friends friend. Be there for them. NO ONE ELSE WILL !!!

    More than ten years ago people were trying to get me interested in filth on the internet. My point being, mySpace is not the source of trouble. We are meant to be lights shining in the darkness, doing things that without Jesus we wouldn't do, and as He did. Jesus was very unpopular for mixing with the scum of the earth - in the eyes of the religious leaders. He dined with them, and gave them hope, He restored them to dignity, but it did not sit well with the 'righteous'. Those multitudes that He ministered to were not 'nice' decent people who never did anything wrong. There were no doubt perverts and sex-maniacs amongst them. Listen to His teachings. He didn't preach to the converted, dear friends. And He didn't just quote scriptures at them, telling them of their naughty ways. He opened the scriptures up to them, and gave them life, bread that they could eat and be nourished with.

    I do not for a moment consider any immoral activity, including things that go on with mySpace, worthy of commending, but remember that God's love is unbiased and He is not willing that ANY should perish. Hate the sin.....but love the sinner. And, rather than focussing on the evil, seek out the lost, and look with the heart of God at everyone...feel His longing for them - the person - and show them the love wherewith you have been loved, Jesus Christ. Whether on mySpace or not, our loved ones will come across bad elements, sickness and disease. Teach them how to stay clean. Remember, we would all be proud if our children were great men and/or women of God, renown for their Christian walk, so use this opportunity to teach them how to walk......I know for a fact that all my young ones had my help with their early walking experience as toddlers, and held my hands as I held theirs, and they knew that I was there, and held tight in case they fell...and if they stumbled, I didn't chide them, tell them off, make them feel bad or caught them up in my loving embrace. And do you know what ? They kept trying, holding tight...until they could walk uprightly.

    If your children or those you love are learning to walk as young men and women, be there for their encouragement, help and friends.

    Bless you,

    Br. Bear.
  14. Thank you Br. Bear. This is what most of us as parents and Christians need to hear. Love the sinner...........not the sin.

    God bless you

  15. Calluna: //And he was receiving pictures and messages over 18 and 21 year olds. My kid is only 14.

    I just thought I'd let you guys know just in case your kid has a myspace and just check things out.//

    Same thing happened to me.
    I contacted them. They basically said if that
    happens, then it is YOUR fault - you are the parent,
    not them.

    I contacted the Police Captain that is the lead
    investagator of the computer porn team
    in my town of over 100,000 people.
    There is NOTHING he can do about the
    teen receiving porn (he isn't even using my
    account(s) to get the stuff). I live in a highly
    wireless area near a major University
    (University of Oklahoma). It is my responsibility,
    I'm the court appointed guardian.

    My son-in-law works help set up the wireless
    at OU & works at the trouble desk. the same
    problem(s) exist at the University, so getting
    away from home won't even help.

    Yes, we need to pray together for one another
    about this demonic attack upon Christians.
  16. We are indeed in a serious war.
    The battle for the Hearts and Minds of ALL mankind!
    No since hiding from it. We must go out to meet the evil where ever it shows up!
    kinda like David did. Then defeat the devil!

    It is a evil world alright, But many to do see it and if the light leaves the battle field? Only darkness will be there!

    We are the salt of the earth, the light!

    We are under a 24/7 attack and many stand by and watch as the evil one destroys others!
    We must stand up for TRUTh, even if we are the only one willing???

    We are NEVER alone, the Armys of OUR FATHER are on stand by. Waiting for us to call upon our Father GOD, in the mighty name of JESUS CHRIST!
    The war is won, these battles are not yet, He allows us to take part in these battles! The Question becomes? Will we?:love:
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    Re:MySpace website

    Whatever happened to parental control? Isn't there good software on the market that parents can use to control what shows up on their and their kids' computers, software that the kids can't disable? Whatever happened to a good, but loving, whack on the rear end for kids who get caught looking at porn, followed by teaching on how damaging porn is?

    What happened to parents who pay more attention to their kids than to their careers? We just had a case where I live of a mom who is also vice-principal of a grade school who parked her SUV in the school parking lot with her two year old daughter inside in a car seat on a day when the temperature reached near 100 degrees. Caught up in the business of her job, she forgot about the child, left the child in the car all day, and the heat killed the child.

    Many, many parents have placed worldly things such as big houses, careers and possessions way too high on their priorities scale. Let's get back to God's priorities: "Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old, he will not depart from it." (Prv 22:6)

  18. Myspace has alot of bad on it,but some good.Cant really say if it is bad or not.If someone's page has alot about Christ on it then it might win someone to the Lord.God Bless
  19. There are good Christian people who use MySpace, two Christian friends of mine being among them. If the devil is winning MySpace, maybe it's because we Christians are fleeing instead of counter-attacking by setting up our own pages on the site.

    "...on this rock I will build my church and the gates of Hell shall not prevail against it." (Mt 16:18)

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    I have 2 myspace pages, that I use to reach people.
    And I connect to christian bands on it.

    I would advise parents to check the photos their kids post.
    We have under age kids with fake profiles.

    The problem is not myspace, the problem is with parenting. My sister is 17, I check her page all the time, I talk with her friends also.
    If I see a person I dont like, she has to delete them.


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