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My wife's rainbow

Hello everyone Forgiven here or Donnie.I got a great blessing the other day.I have been praying that me and my wife would draw closer to our Lord Jesus Christ.Well i got a 1990 mercury topaz that has given me alot of troubles here latley,a $500.00 one here latley.Well my wife worries about things real bad,i try not to and leave it up to the Lord.Well Wedseday,the day before Thanksgiving my car broke down again.I called my wife and she called her dad to come help me out.It had rained all day till about 4:30 that eveining.Then all of a sudden a rainbow apperd against a black sky.My wife called her dad on his cell phone and said "You see my rainbow?" he said yes.She said the Lord had sent her that rainbow.She said the God had blessed us so much and it was silly to worry over my car.Alot of people we knew saw that rainbow that eveining.We saw it too.The Lord sure can bless us can't he.
Staff Member
Yea rainbows are truly beautiful. GOD is so colorful, loving and compassionate in Jesus' name. Its so unbeliable yet incredibly believable ;)
Rainbows, Clouds and Angles

I took a picture of a rainbow one time and started taking pictures of clouds.The rainbow turned out very good,and the clouds,well,i wished i could share the pictures with everone. I do belive that some are angles. Maby some one can tell me how to put pictures on the internet.
Staff Member
Gerlene, click "post reply" button as you would normally to reply to a post, and you will see an "attachment" option on the bottom.
Here's my wife's rainbow!
God has also sent me rainbow's when i needed one. That is why I put one on the bottom of all my post. He has in the past allowed me to see one at times when I really needed to know He was still in control and knew I needed a boast. God is so cool!

Your sister in Christ

AlabasterBox :girl: