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My Value in Christ Jesus!

I have noticed in the past months, so many believers,acting as if they have disappointed the Lord,I am sorry Lord Jesus for not having any value in you, or to you! From this belief they stay out of both Word, and prayer! They confess there faults one to another about there lack,in hopes that another can encourage them,but what they are hearing is not confidence or establishment they hear things like( rom 3:23) instead of verse 22!!( which says even the righteousness of God THROUGH!!!!! Faith! IN CHRIST JESUS!! for ALL WHO BELIEVE!!!!for there is NO DISTINCTION!! ( side note here-there was prayer before this sermon, I did not speak right away either! For we have two ears to hear Holy Spirit with,and one mouth lol) Here one could hear some soft grumbling lol ( who does he think he is? LOL) Let us all turn in our bibles,to proverbs 26:1-2( we make sure there are plenty of bible in our church so everyone has one!) A loud sigh could be heard LOL want to also give you back round to this, in hopes you will enjoy this more saints hehe

To save you all from reading something to long,i will hit the highlights! Verse 2 Like the sparrow in its flitting,like a swallow in its flying. A fool would think a sparrow has no worth! Now brothers and sisters let us see the value of a bird! ( matt 10:29) Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not ONE of them will fall to the ground apart from YOUR FATHER! verse 30 But the very hairs of YOUR HEAD are what brothers and sisters??? ALL NUMBERED!! verse 31 so do NOT FEAR! YOU are more valuable then many sparrows!!

EVERY hair on YOUR head is numbered by God himself!! We do not do anything to have this done,God LOVES YOU!!!!! PERSONAL!( not yelling here brothers and sisters,large letters to me means Selah lol pay attention to! hehe)( take heed of!) Now lets go to Luke 12:6 and we read here" Are not 5 sparrows sold for 2 cents?( get one free!!LOL) Yet not one of them is forgotten before God! verse 7 same as verse 30 of matt.( all sit up and are with me at this point!) Brothers and sisters each one of you here today has great value to Jesus,it does not matter how you feel about this.

What matters is your words you speak must stay in belief of the Jesus we all serve! ( matt 6:25-34) went long in depth of all of this! verse 26 What can birds do to receive from Jesus? They neither sow nor do they reap, yet your Heavenly Father feeds them! ARE YOU NOT WORTH MUCH MORE THEN THEY ARE???? And since our Lord Jesus places so great a value upon all who bear witness to him here,how is it then you say you have no value?

Have you not lied against the truth??INDEED! DO NOT WORRY! verse 31 and 34 verse 32 Father KNOWS that you have need,all these things! The value we all have through our most blessed Jesus does not come from earning it! This comes from his own blood which was shed on the cross for all of us to have fall upon us,who come to the cross! To believe,yes brothers and sisters, to indeed receive!

Turn with me now to eph 1:3-6) Verse 6! To the Praise of the GLORY of HIS grace,which he freely bestowed on US in the Beloved!! That is us brothers and sisters!! HIS OWN BELOVED!! Say with me, I am God's own beloved!! again say this out loud boldly, like you really mean it!!( cheers and pats to each other among the people,and great joy!) verse 7 IN HIM!!!! we HAVE REDEMPTION through his blood,the forgiveness of our trespasses, according to the riches of HIS GRACE! verse 8 which HE lavished ON US! In all WISDOM and insight verse 9 HE made known to us the mystery of HIS WILL, according to HIS KIND intention which he purposed IN HIM,( was going to bring this to an end but Holy Spirit wanted me to continue through verse 23!)( someone from the back of the Church yelled Jesus really does LOVE ME!!

Many amens went through the church as Holy Spirit was touching people by his power! i paused here for further instruction from Holy Spirit,people were being touched by God all around me!! Many were hugging oneanother,and thanking God for the great joy of his unmerited love! Some were crying Jesus really does love me! Thanksgiving was going forth from the crowd! me included! Imagine if you will being seated in a church with about 300 in it,all hands go up at the same time,and great praise like living water was being poured out by Jesus himself! I did not even think to stop this! i was doing the same!

Went out to the people ,and began sharing there joy in Jesus as well!! LOL After some time,as i was looking for the Lord to direct me in what next to do, he did. For God who said"LIGHT shall shine out of darkness" is the ONE who has shone in our hearts to give the LIGHT of the knowledge of the GLORY OF GOD in the FACE of CHRIST!!( 2 cor 4:6!) BEHOLD this have been witnessed this day by our wonderful Jesus!!!!! Let us pray.Most Holy Lord and living God,in whom your servant,has spoken your word today,let us always remember our value in you,let our minds never again fail us, in your loving truth,and may every brother and sister here today,remain steadfast in your truth,and may we all continue to be established

BY your truth! In Christ we who are valued,all because your grace and love granted this to be so through your most wonderful blood ,and by a name which is above every name, the name of our BELOVED!!!!! JESUS!!( philp 2:9-11) and ( matt 3:17!!) My this increase you belief in your very faith of our Jesus!! amen!

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